The HubSpot pause – English

Coincidence does not exist

I have been trying for years to get Ed, my business partner, to use a CRM system Until now this has failed, his reason: it costs me too much time and it is too complicated.

At the end of 2020 I was asked by HubSpot whether I wanted to become a HubSpot partner with Aumatics. I heard of HubSpot, I knew most marketers loved it. But CRM…… not really, until …

Ring, ring: Hey Jaap, it’s Ed, I’ve found a CRM system, that is really great! Me: you do? What system? Ed: “HubSpot!” Me: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Hubspot Lions Sales Program

At the beginning of Q2, I was approached by Gary Murphy (our great HubSpot CAM (Channel Account Manager) whether I wanted to join the HubSpot Lion programme. In this programme, given by the amazing Dan Tyre, – once HubSpot’s employee no. 6 – I was brought back down to earth and I was taught his vision of sales in 8 weeks and to my fellow Lions.

Thank you Dan Tyre, thank you Gary Murphy for signing up for the Lion Programme. Thank you my fellow Lions: Louise Varley, John Caruso, Christian Geissendoerfer, William Bridgman, Tina Kim, Shelisa Demuth, Ben Rubin & Greg Olson for all your help and staying in contact afterwards.

HUBSPOT CRM + Skilled integration by Aumatics

Meet up for a HubSpot demo and get to know the #1 crm for conversion and customer loyalty. With skilled integration from the IT Pro's at Aumatics!

What have I learned? A lot. Really a lot. First: HubSpot is a social enterprise, that they really care about their employees, partners and customers.

For example, HubSpot partners are encouraged to work together. In addition, a lot of knowledge, training and certifications are/are provided by HubSpot for free. Wake up Salesforce, wake up Microsoft (or rather not….).

And the biggest takeaway, prospecting (cold calling) only works if:

  1. you approach people with respect;
  2. stand while calling (do not sit down) and smile;
  3. very calmly, even more calmly: pronounce your name and your company name;
  4. Pauses, pauses for almost two seconds:

        “Paul, this is DAN from HubSpot


        …………..” (aka the Dan Tyre pause)

  1. Be helpful and don’t try to sell (If you want to be great at sales, you have to be great at helping” – Dan Tyre).

Last week, all of HubSpot is closed for a whole week. Why, because they care, they care about and respect their employees:


………….. pause

Call me, email me


………….. pause


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