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Total solution for working in the cloud

March 26, 2022

Lennert Hut

Online Marketer

The client was looking for a scalable platform for working in the cloud. Speed ​​and scalability were essential in the execution of this project. Aumatics IT engineers came up with a solution in which the infrastructure, network, implementation and management were redesigned from the drawing board.

There was an emphatic request for a total solution for working in the cloud for the long term. The architecture and infrastructure were therefore at least as important.

We had a clear match with their company culture! Partly for this reason, the monitoring, security and support was also entrusted to Aumatics after delivery.

We have now been working for this client for 9 years.

Client & the assignment

Leading software company (11.000 employees) in the EU for licensing in civil engineering. The assignment: to design, develop, implement and manage work in the cloud, with high-quality IT Security and the smallest chance of disruption.

The challenge

The deadline. As always :-). In addition, the complexity of the IT challenge required an all-round approach and therefore a lot of attention for consultation. Internally and with the client.

Why Aumatics?

We were able to design, implement and offer a new environment from scratch as SAAS. With solid support from our Skilled Service Desk.

The client was looking for a pragmatic IT partner that matched their corporate culture and working methods. As the company is growing rapidly, the cloud working environment was not only rolled out quickly, but the solution also had to be flexible.

When it comes to flexibility, speed is also indispensable. The client was not looking for an IT service provider who would do his best once for a well-defined project. We were asked to have a service-oriented attitude on a sustainable basis. So that in the event of a problem or incident, action can be taken quickly, with a complete overview and background knowledge.

From the drawing board, we ensured that the chance of incidents was as small as possible. The environment is monitored 24 hours a day from the Aumatics Shared Service Center (SCC).

If a malfunction occurs, many other employees can continue working because of the layered architecture. Updates and improvements for working in the cloud, for example for IT Security, are planned and carefully prepared so that no one is surprised. If an unexpected response occurs, a scheduled update can be undone immediately.

IT Services

IT Services for strength in the workplace.

Colleagues are asking for easy and fast online work. In the office and outside. Aumatics solves it, with customization for all your IT issues.

The result

A new Cloud environment as Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), linked to a cloud environment based on Software As A Service (SAAS), without having to worry about management and maintenance. Scalable and optimally secured with the latest IT Security. Clear billing, per month, per user.

Our services

Consultancy, Project Engineering, daily support from our Skilled Service Desk, 24×7 online monitoring, installing new updates and hosting in the Aumatics Shared Server Center.


  • Private Cloud: Cloud platform with diverse applications and possibilities
  • Windows Server: Web and application servers based on Microsoft technology
  • Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Database servers as part of the SAAS foundation
  • WatchGuard FW: Next Generation Firewall with Advanced Security
  • VEAAM: Backup Virtual Machines including fallback
  • Virtual Server: Virtualized servers and components
  • SOD: Storage On Demand
  • BOD: Backup On Demand
With my colleagues at Aumatics I bring the world of IT to the forefront, understandable and practical. This way you get out what's in it (and you'll probably get just as excited about it as we are!)

Lennert Hut

Online Marketer