Aumatics Professional Services

Let IT work for you

Aumatics offers a broad portfolio of professional services. These services are focused on the best use of our IT expertise, for the benefit of our customers. Aumatics makes IT work for you! 

Our services are characterized by a personal and customer-oriented approach. Our specialists work in all relevant ICT areas of expertise. Be it Project Managers, DevOps specialists, Service Managers or experienced ICT Engineers, Aumatics is always able to put together a project team that meets the specific needs of the customer and the requirements for the project.

The world is changing rapidly and therefore we invest continuously in the development of our team. Our specialists follows the latest trends closely, are getting the right training and are all certified for the IT services that we provide to our customers. This enables us to actively support our customers now and in the future.

Shared Services Center

The Shared Services Center (SSC) of Aumatics provides services in the areas of user support, proactive monitoring and management.


The ‘DevOps’ service of Aumatics supports software development companies in the development process.

ICT Projects

Designing, implementing and managing a new ICT environment or sub-components requires a solid approach.


The effectiveness of ICT services is dependent on the user.

Managed Services

From the Shared Services Center (SSC) Aumatics continuously monitors its own systems (cloud services) and that of its customers.

Aumatics Cloud Services

Flexible and reliable

With Aumatics cloud services you choose a solution that is available anytime and anywhere in a secure environment. Discover the benefits of our cloud services:

  • No costly investment in hardware and software
  • Pay per month at the rate of use
  • Easily adaptable
  • Outsourced maintenance and management
  • Reliable

The cloud services of Aumatics (Desktop Online, Hosted Applications, Virtual Private Server) are provided from our ISO 27001-certified data-centers in Delft and Amsterdam. Your data is safely stored on these locations and these remain within our national borders. The data-centers also serve as a backup system for one another. That offers extra security for organizations where security of IT systems are essential. When there is a malfunction in one data-center the other data-center can automatically take over. You as a customer won’t notice it.

For more information about our data-centers: Aumatics data-centers 

With Aumatics Office 365 and Azure we also deliver “public” Microsoft cloud services. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Aumatics has the knowledge to create a solution that supports your business and it’s processes. Of course, this can also be a “hybrid” cloud solution.

Desktop Online

With desktop online your employees always work in the same familiar and safe environment.

Office 365

Just as Aumatics Desktop Online provides Aumatics Office 365 a flexible and scalable service to give your employees anytime, anywhere the opportunity to work with Microsoft Office applications.

Hosted Applications

Aumatics delivers Exchange as ‘hosted’ services.

Private Cloud and Servers

Why invest in your own servers? Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in your ‘Private Cloud’ has a lot of benefits.

Business telephony (VoIP)

For almost all organizations is the need for their own physical PABX long gone. Nowadays calls over the same network that your computers are connected to is the most common thing in the world.