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One time view: send once, immediately forget

Are you careful when sharing images at work? Keep it like that. It is important to realize that messages, photos and videos are often stored for a long time. Without your knowledge. And if you are unlucky, they may be shared without your knowledge and may one day be picked up by hackers. Fortunately, WhatsApp has a function for that: one time view. It is, however, a function with snags.  

Have you ever thought about this? If not, it is good to know that WhatsApp for private and business users also has a function for one-time viewing of photos and videos. 

It's simple: select a photo in a chat, press the '1' icon at the bottom of the screen before sending. The recipient can only view this media once, after which it will automatically disappear. And the good news is that this photo or video cannot be forwarded to others. Very safe. 

Loose ends
However, the function in WhatsApp does have some loose ends. In some cases you think you are safe, while that is not necessarily the case. 

Whether the function works also depends on the recipient. If the recipient has not updated WhatsApp to a version with one time view, the function will not work. If you just grab the latest update, you are covered.

The offline loophole
In addition, the function can work fine and only be visible temporarily at the recipient. But what if the recipient picks up another camera? This way you can take a screenshot. Ugly, okay. But that's how you get the recording.

Plenty of ways for malicious people to obtain material to attack you. Have you got your act together when it comes to retaining company data?

We are happy to do a small search with a Security Scan on the Dark Web to give you that guarantee.

In most cases we will find email addresses of you and your colleagues there. And we take action on that. 

Is your company data floating around?

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