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How AI does and doesn't make life easier

Whether you have reservations or not; AI will change society. Models like ChatGPT change the way we communicate, design, program, visualize and so on. Cyber ​​Security is also on the eve of a revolution through AI. In a positive and negative sense. On November 16, Richard van Hooijdonk will take us through all the pros and cons during Customer Day.

We are now giving you a preview. First positive news, AI in Cyber ​​Security makes attacks more predictable. That's because hackers and others bad guys using a series of techniques in the event of an attack. There are about 20 strategies and thanks to AI they can be recognized and neutralized increasingly faster.

The downside is that AI can also be used to the detriment of your network. So called black hat tools can be used to compose phishing emails. These emails can be optimized and tested again and again with AI. This way, online scam emails become more accurate. And almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Once again, AI is able to find this out. However, the factors of time and sequence are decisive here. The technology must intervene before the email is opened and clicked. And the true nature of the email only emerges after delivery in the Inbox.

You read it: AI has unleashed an intense battle between malicious parties and Cyber ​​Security. A cat-and-mouse game in which speed is decisive and recognition based on old threats is no longer sufficient. The security strategy based on virus definitions and signatures can also be written off. What?

On November 16, Richard van Hooijdonk will also talk about the future of Cyber ​​Security. Prepare and register for the Aumatics Customer Day!     

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