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Now you still work with the laptop. When will the laptop start working for you?

Tapping on a keyboard is so 2023. At least, if we can believe trend watcher Richard van Hooijdonk. Will you soon be thinking up assignments that your laptop will then pick up? On November 16 he will think about it with all the guests at the Aumatics Customer Day.

In that respect, the future of so-called 'mind-thinking' is not far away. There is already a lot of experimentation going on in healthcare, with promising results. Incentives can be transformed into simple commands, for example turning on the light. These types of developments are intriguing, but also raise questions.

On the agenda on November 16: to do or not to do?

At the Aumatics Customer Day on November 16, we will not skip the ethical part. Thoughts should remain thoughts is a common opinion.

But patients with the disease ALS, for example, will especially eagerly await neurotransmitting. think very differently about that. After a while, ALS patients' speech ability becomes irreparably damaged.

Sometimes at word level

But thanks to neurotransmitting, there is hopeful news: in an experiment at the University of Texas, participants in an experiment were placed under the CT scanner. Researchers were thus able to record what the participants were thinking about in half the number of cases. Sometimes with the exact words added.

Again: fascinating. And a big issue for everyone is to ensure that thoughts stay where they are, if that's what you want.

Think along!

On November 16, Richard van Hooijdonk will address these topics at the Aumatics Customer Day. To make us and all guests think. Also consider Serious Gaming, leadership through robotics, new learning, AI for healthy food and new forms of IT Security.

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