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Backup is often missing with Microsoft 365. Are you part of that?

VEEAM has been a profit maker for years with backup for Windows 365. But for such an essential product, it actually has surprisingly few users. Since the first backup for Windows 365 saw the light of day in 2016, the product has been downloaded 210.000 times. But Microsoft 365 had more than 2021 million users in 300.

Conclusion: backup is lacking for the vast majority of 365 users. And that is actually strange, because it is service and a small effort to prevent loss of knowledge.

You can accidentally lose data. And we assume that this happens without malicious intent. But the damage is no less. It becomes a different story when that happens from the outside.

Closed for 3 weeks without backup?

There are examples of organizations that were able to keep the gate closed for 3 weeks due to serious data loss. That ghost image must keep everyone awake, you would say.

How can such a thing happen? As a backup specialist, VEEAM has listed the main causes. We go through them below.


Not for nothing at number 1. Because there can't be enough attention for it. Ransomware can happen to anyone, but the focus of thieves is increasingly on smaller companies. The large enterprises increasingly have their affairs in order and have backup. Larger companies in the SME sector often do not yet. 

Try VEEAM backup 30 days for Microsoft 365

Gives a safer feeling than waiting for data loss.

Phishing: Cut them off

You then run 2 very annoying risks. That captured data is traded on the dark web. And that you can never use the data again. The first cannot be prevented by intrusion. You can prevent the case from going down with backup. By retrieving all data with a backup. You cut them off with this and you are no longer forced to accept the blackmail, because you have all the stolen data back.

Protection against human error. With dot on 2. When you think of disaster recovery, you probably think of malicious intent, but you and your colleagues can also do something about it. For example, when cleaning up folders of colleagues who are leaving. You may have internal protocols for that. But they do not take into account that your colleagues not only have copies of files, but have only dragged some files.

The cloud: where is your data actually located?

Putting all your company data in the cloud at once is not smart. Because where are they actually? The backend of Teams, for example, is a lot more complex than you think. Teams is presented to you as a separate app. But the data is scattered across SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Online and so on. Retrieval is therefore not an option if things go wrong. Backup prevents that. 


You may need to delete files periodically. For example, because the regulations or privacy legislation requires this of you. With backup of VEEAM for Microsoft 365 you can schedule these types of tasks. This way you always comply with the rules as an organization and you avoid fines. In addition, it may happen that you have to show a truthful backup for an audit. For example, for certification for handling data. As the owner of an ISO27001 certificate, we can have a say in this. 

Hardware failures

As recently as this spring, Microsoft 365 was temporarily unavailable. The cause was storm damage. A fallen tree had taken a cable next to the Microsoft data center in North Holland. No data was lost. But if the connection to a cloud service is lost, you don't know if and what is missing. Do you want to wonder about that or do you provide backup?

Data in two places

The last one: due to a backup, your data is not only duplicated, but also elsewhere. If things really go wrong – think of a fire or flood – the data is also stored in a place where it is still safe. Imaginary scenario? In Valkenburg, more than 2021 companies were affected during the floods in 300. 

Finally, the risk analysis: see it as an addition

Suppose you are still not sure whether backup is also valuable for your situation. Take all the arguments mentioned and estimate the probability that it will actually happen.

Or turn it around: are the events mentioned guaranteed never to happen to you? If the answer is no, we would like to introduce you to a complete backup for 30 days. 

What is the chance that nothing will ever happen to your company data? Don't wait it out, discuss the possibilities with an Aumatics IT Engineer for VEEAM backup.

We introduce you to the product. That's all, because we can also do the periodic backup for you if you wish.   

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