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The Turbonomic demo: the truth about your network

POV, or a Proof of Value, proves the added value of IBM Turbonomic for IT Management within your company. It is the demo that shows where the profit can be made within your organization. With your cloud applications as the subject and all points for improvement that emerge.

Curious how Turbonomic optimizes your IT management? We have listed frequently asked questions and answers for you

What can I expect?

The Aumatics IT Engineers will talk to you to bring the focus. What is the purpose for which you want to use IBM Turbonomic? Do you want to reduce IT costs? Do you want to increase efficiency with your existing assets?

IBM Turbonomic enables you to immediately show the pain points in the environment. You solve them structurally with a mouse click. Ongoing and for the long term.

What does it deliver?

'What' is difficult to say, but that it will yield something is almost certain. We have yet to come across the IT department that really gets the most out of the existing assets, at the lowest possible price and with completely error-free management. If that's you, we'll be amazed 😉 IBM Turbonomic oversees your IT environment 24/7. It corrects skewed growth and overreach, shows the costs and savings per asset and structurally reports what can be improved where.

Normally there is one moment in the year when the IT budget is drawn up. The size of the budget partly depends on the price level of resources. Those costs tend to rise, at least due to inflation. But that does not mean that savings can be made, for example by buying larger or allocating assets. IBM Turbonomic continuously monitors this and advises if you can save on this. Our prediction is: you can probably get by with less.

What is the term?

A Proof of Value that makes an impact needs 2 weeks. Then we can make statements about the main gains. In addition, IBM Turbonomic will then have penetrated into the capillaries of the network. This way we can fulfill the promises for the possible term afterwards.

What do I need?

IT annoyances. A platform on which IT runs, such as VMWare, Azure, AWS or another platform. If you experience one of these events, Turbonomics is a good outcome:

  • Slower running IT resources.
  • Too many error messages.
  • Costs that skyrocket.
  • Lack of time and staff in IT.

Does this occur within your organization? Then Turbonomic can save tens of percent.

What comes after a POV?

Your opinion of the results. The demo is without obligation, without obligations. Our experience is that the results speak for themselves. But we'd like to leave that up to you.

Contact Aumatics! And schedule an appointment for a no-obligation exploration of IBM Turbonomic for your environment.

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