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Smart IT applications for sustainable growth

Effective IT solutions are an investment in service provision and continuity for your organization. But One-Size-Fits-All does not exist in IT. Our customers determine the end goal. Aumatics realizes the solution. Using the right technology and the best Solution Partners. With short lines during the realization and generous support after delivery. 

Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​Security from Aumatics: secured, protected, managed.

In the past year, the number of attacks on corporate networks has increased significantly. From 2019 even with 141%. Responding promptly to threats can prevent damage and downtime.

Maar eerst een stap terug. Het is essentieel om te voorkomen dat het zo ver komt. Totaaloverzicht in het bedrijfsnetwerk is dan nodig, gekoppeld aan een allround plan van aanpak. Lees hieronder meer over de belangrijkste bouwstenen van Aumatics daarvoor.


Van de werknemers geeft (onbewust) gevoelige bedrijfs-informatie door


The successful hack attacks have an internal cause

+ 100 %

Het aantal meldingen van datalekken in Nederland is in 2021 bijna verdubbeld.

Cyber ​​Security Scan

Organization & Training

IT Security & OT Security


Cyber ​​Security Scan

Paying attention to Cyber ​​Security is good, but the threat may already be present on your company network. Or do you doubt whether you have an overview of the entire playing field? The Aumatics Security Scan is available for both issues. We make all your IT structures visible. We also indicate whether there are urgent threats. If necessary within a day, focused on Cyber ​​Security for the long term? Is your email address being traded on the Dark Web? We tell and solve it.

Organization training

IT Security is not only achieved with technical means. Aumatics provides the knowledge and technology. But we also need your colleagues for that. About half of all attacks start with password loss or theft. Targeted training and instruction makes organizations resilient to attacks and prevents threats.

OT Security

OT Security protects production sites and industrial processes against attacks. These environments are increasingly intertwined with IT networks and other online environments. Cyber ​​Security is often at risk. Choose Aumatics' OT Security as a condition for continuity and resilience.


Customers demand rock-solid guarantees that sensitive data is in good hands with you and that the service is in order. Good intentions or reassuring words? Customers are no longer satisfied with that. Let Aumatics speak for you and take IT applications and processes to a higher level for a successful certification process.

IT Services

IT Services for flexible working with a future perspective.

Flexible working is the norm. But arrange it as an organization. Your colleagues are used to a working method or their own device. Exchanging flexibility for Cyber ​​Security is a no-go with all online threats from hackers, ransomware and phishing.

Discover the IT services that combine ease of use with Cyber ​​Security. Designed, implemented and managed by Aumatics' experienced IT engineers.


Users migrated to Microsoft 365


Active customers


Is it numbers that customers give us. Whoohoo!

Cloud Services

Microsoft 365

Network management

Managed services

Cloud services and migration

Aumatics IT engineers are at home in any cloud environment. Think of it as an investment. Cloud services expand capabilities and make IT application management easier. Looking for a total solution for the entire organization? Leave monitoring and management of your cloud environment to us. Your IT environment is in good hands in our ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Microsoft 365

Easy and flexible working is best done in the familiar environment of Microsoft 365. All known Office programs on your laptop, mobile or PC. With the certainty of backup, support and today's IT Security in the background.

Customer-friendly director of your IT environment

IT applications remain safe and continuously available with smart monitoring and IT Security from Aumatics. On request, we optimize your company network. Based on a future-oriented plan of approach, drawn up in consultation. But also proactive if necessary. For example, in the event of an urgent threat or attack. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Managed services

A stand-alone server room is increasingly becoming a risk factor for IT Security. Especially with the increased number of attacks. Chances are your IT engineers could use all the help. Aumatics' Managed Services increase the effectiveness and quality level of your business operations. The costs are listed in a monthly overview. For all user questions, your colleagues can contact our customer-friendly Support Desk.

Customization is our standard. We believe in unique solutions.

Colleagues, customers, services and products form the identity of a company. Do your IT applications reflect this? Aumatics' IT professionals design, implement and manage your IT applications so that you can meet and exceed customer expectations.