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Tenable from Aumatics: total control begins with total overview 

The sharpest possible protection of everything that is valuable to you starts with attention and insight. It Vulnerability Management of Tenable brings out the unknown. Shine new light on all weak links in the security of your company network and solve them in collaboration with Aumatics. 

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The benefits of Aumatics
as Tenable Partner.

Nessus Technology from Tenable penetrates the corporate network to an unprecedented depth and compares it with a very large database of all known threats. In collaboration with Aumatics Security officers prioritize and protect your valuable data. 

Armed against all threats

Tenable continuously scans the network and responds to all known and unknown threats that have just been released. 

Fast on the way

Layered installation, long procedures; not necessary. Tenable solutions from Aumatics provide insights the same day.

Knowledge is power

Which weaknesses in your network have the highest priority? The clear dashboard goes down the list for you.

More efficiency for OT Security

Attackers really don't skip your production environment. Tenable monitors and secures critical infrastructure and production lines.

Windows 11 for more IT Security

The proven influence of Tenable's speed

Aumatics appreciates Tenable for the particularly fast response time. If a threat is thrown online somewhere to inflict damage, chances are it will first be on the radar at Tenable appears. Tenable has uncovered more than 71.000 threats. And solved. 

What we offer in
collaboration with Tenable:

IT Security

Does your company network withstand the test of firef when it comes to Cyber ​​Security. Aumatics Security officers test it with and submit the results for a plan of action.

Network management

Analyzing the company network is only the first step. Keeping it safe is a continuous process which Aumatics is happy to help your IT department with. 

OT Security

The security of production locations is often not yet in order, even though they can be reached from outside. Aumatics move Tenable in as gatekeeper for continuousity in all operational processes. 

IT is co-creation.

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