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Crowdstrike: Get ahead with the market leader in Cyber ​​Security

Do you feel like you're behind the times when it comes to corporate network security? You're not the only one. The number of threats and complexity demand a stronger response. With Crowdstrike from Aumatics you take the lead you desperately need as an IT professional.

Crowdstrike IT Security at Aumatics

The benefits of Aumatics
as Crowd Strike Partner

Crowdstrike's offerings are impressive. So many solutions, terms and methods. Our translation? Crowdstrike has a suitable solution regardless of the size of your company. Just be able to work safely, flexibly with Aumatics as a point of contact, thanks to CrowdStrike solutions. Read more and ask for a demo without obligation.

The Crowdstrike Falcon Stack for IT Security solutions

For every company size

Crowdstrike products are effective due to their wide application and high quality. This makes Crowdstrike suitable for any company size and scope.

Cloud Native as second nature

All solutions are designed for use in the cloud. Flexible working worry-free is just as natural as it is safe. 

Global trust

Crowdstrike is rated top for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP). 

Detection and neutralization

Crowdstrike analyzes large amounts of data about attacks and neutralizes them worldwide. Your company network is updated at the same time. 

Windows 11 for more IT Security

Do you think your company can be better armed against IT Security threats? Aumatics will let you know and take a look without obligation. Feel free to ask us about our Crowdstrike solutions for:


  • Cloud Security
  • Endpoint Security & XDR
  • Identity Security
  • Security & IT Operations
  • Risk analysis
  • Monitoring and Support

IT is co-creation.

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Distinctive for CrowdStrike

Crowd Strike Unified Platform

Individual Crowdstrike products make an impact, but don't give you complete overview and control. You can achieve that by having Crowdstrike solutions work together. Thanks to the Unified Platform Approach, your network no longer has any weak spots.

Innovative technology

Crowdstrike monitors attacks on a daily basis to neutralize them, but also to learn from them. That knowledge is continuously used to make Crowdstrike products better. Attacks can thus be better predicted and prevented. If necessary, Crowdstrike neutralizes threats. Inside and outside your network.

Unprecedented response time

The following applies to every threat: the sooner you react, the smaller the chance that an attack will lead to irreparable damage. In concrete terms: Crowdstrike tries to detect every (!) online attack worldwide within 1 minute, then to complete the analysis and response within 10 minutes, so that Crowdstrike has killed the attack within 60 minutes after the first detection. Customers have a front row seat to this real-time knowledge with the new CrowdStrike Message Center.

Is your IT Security at risk?

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