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Working better with Microsoft Azure: 3 examples

You can always just add a Virtual machine to your company network. Is it time to move to easier working with a corporate network in the cloud? For organizations looking for high-level IT Security and scalability, there is a platform that combines both.

Microsoft Azure specialist Serge Vink shows with 3 examples how better working in the cloud goes well with increasing your IT Security. Microsoft Azure forms the basis and provides the platform for countless applications. For example, think of all well-known programs from Microsoft Office, but also cloud storage, mail and hosting a website.

It is easier and undisturbed in the workplace, because everything is taken care of from one platform. But it also pays off behind the scenes, especially in the field of IT Security and management.

Microsoft Azure in the cloud unburdens

The advantages of Azure are broadly also the advantages of Software as a Service in general. 'The virtualization takes a lot of work off the hands of the network administrator. Update, patching, monitoring availability and responding to security incidents.

In summary, these are the advantages of the IT services of a managed service partner such as Aumatics', says Serge. But extra attention for the structural embedding of Microsoft Azure does not only offer advantages. It is a necessity today.

More depth for IT security

It's in the news every day these days; the cyber attacks are piling up. For example, a rough estimate indicates that we are dealing with about 40% more ransomware attacks worldwide. This is the order of the day for multinationals, but smaller organizations are really not skipped.

It is therefore not only necessary to keep the gate closed in your company network. Vink: 'You add an extra layer of security by also raising obstacles within the company network. An IT service provider with added value therefore looks at segmentation.'

This extra defense prevents an attacker from getting to the most important corporate data, the crown jewels. 'We include these precautions in an Azure Governance.

It is a good example of a deepening within Microsoft Azure' explains Serge. 'This is often done by an IT partner by attaching the rights to accounts. This allows you to arrange that one person has access to a certain location, and the other does not.'

Privileged Identity Management

But a thoughtful variation on this makes the network even more secure. 'It turned out recently at a customer that system administrators had rights to the folder structure,' explains Serge. 'Given their work, that may be logical. In this case, however, system administrator rights were given.

This made sensitive data accessible to the wrong target group. System administrators also had access to the directorate's folder structure. That has of course been restored.' This example of Privileged Identity Management raises an extra hurdle, but also prevents costly mistakes by users who mean no harm.         

Continue working in the event of a complete outage with Azure

The final advantage of virtualization with Azure has everything to do with Microsoft's size. From the drawing board, Aumatics can become a Microsoft Gold Partner fail over to keep the company network online.

If the Azure server fails, extra space is immediately taken up. Customers don't notice this. Provided that this is also included in the network design by an IT consultant with insight.   

IT Services

Do you still pay for server racks, the server room, air conditioning and maintenance?

Colleagues are asking for easy and fast online work in the cloud. Aumatics lays the foundation for this with Azure. In the office and outside. 

The benefits of virtualization are already visible with a partial switch, without having to immediately say goodbye to the on premise-situation. That is: physically present equipment that needs maintenance on site.

Azure works fine with an existing situation. It thus acts directly as an extension. While in the meantime a design can be made for a complete transition.  

This means that a quick start in Azure is quickly arranged. 'And starting in Azure is possible without too much expertise. But that's just the beginning, emphasizes the Azure consultant. Anyone can boot a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure. But an IT partner with in-depth knowledge then knows how to get the most out of Azure.'

IT unburdens. Discover the convenience.

Discover how Aumatics can be your partner for reliable IT Services. Dozens of customers preceded you. Contact us and we will discuss your IT challenge further.

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