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Hello, IT partner that thinks along!

From 2010 our goal is to unburden customers with IT services and solutions. Since then we have welcomed dozens of customers. Large and small organisations, multinationals, non-profit and entrepreneurs. Mutually different, but with a strong desire to use IT to make work more efficient and effective.

As it turns out, there is another organization – a larger one – that has the same vision!

From the beginning of 2023, Aumatics will be part of the national IT service provider. Hello, Together we can realize even more ambitions. Through the collaboration, our customers are assured of a stable solution business relationship, with more and more possibilities. 

In this way we achieve sustainable growth with IT applications and services. Without worries about IT Security, customer-friendly supported by our Service Desk. That is the approach that helps our customers further.

Is this also your approach? We are happy to take on your IT challenge.

Hello, what benefits?



New collaboration

By joining forces with hello, we gain access to new and promising collaboration opportunities. This allows us to benefit from their extensive network and expertise, allowing us to develop and offer innovative solutions to our customers sooner.


Growing Customer Base

In partnership with hello, we can serve a wider range of customers. This allows us to expand our services and offer our existing customers even better support.


Security standards

hello, attaches great importance to security, as shown by their ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications. This means that our customers' data and systems are now even better protected against threats and risks.


Service requirements

Thanks to the collaboration between Aumatics and hallo, we can now better meet the growing demands of our customers in terms of service. Our joint efforts will lead to improved service quality and a wider range of services.

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IT is co-creation.

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IT challenges are there to be tackled.

Reports don't solve IT problems. Our IT engineers do. They investigate the challenge, look for the right technology and Solution Partner and get to work. As a rule, the IT engineer who devises the solution is also the person who discusses and implements the application at Aumatics. This saves you as a customer many hours of consultancy and transfer, for example. We let the end result speak for us. 

The world of IT solutions. It continues to intrigue us.

Ransomware: don't become the next KNVB

Ransomware: don't become the next KNVB

The KNVB is up to its neck in theft of a lot of sensitive data. Prior to a successful hack, you have the opportunity to prevent damage as much as possible. In this blog we give 3 recommendations, so take advantage of them.

An IT partner as a knowledge hub for smarter working and IT Security.

Aumatics designs, implements and manages IT applications for smarter working on expertly secured networks. Our Solution Partners put us on the right track for this. After all, IT knowledge does not come to us. In turn, we are happy to pass this on to you.

Due to the great dynamics in our industry, increasing IT knowledge is a necessary continuous process. Aumatics therefore continuously invests in certification programs for our Solution Partners. This way our customers know that their IT applications are in good hands. And that specific knowledge of the product and supplier form the basis for this.

You really enjoy working in IT at Aumatics!

IT unburdens. Discover the convenience.

Discover how Aumatics can be your partner for reliable IT Services. Dozens of customers preceded you. Contact us and we will discuss your IT challenge further.

Aumatics IT Services, part of hello,

IT problem? No problem!

Where we have completed successful projects:

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