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OnDMarc automatically optimal protection of your emails

May 9, 2022

Lennert Hut

Online Marketer

The use of email has become indispensable and is an integral part of our information exchange. We spend an average of 28% of our time per day reading and answering emails. Correct setting of your email domain is essential for correct sending, but especially also for receiving email messages from validated senders. 

If this is not set up correctly, malicious people can impersonate an employee of your organization and cause enormous damage to your company and reputation. And that while it is so easy to prevent with the use of the right solution. 

Aumatics has been providing OnDMARC for a long time. This solution offers protection against misuse of your email domain and ensures that the correct settings are automatically set and remain set. 

Email domain protection
from€95 monthly

SPF records

The right SPF records in your mail environment ensure that you can use the SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions within your organization.

Think of your financial application, such as Exact Online that sends your invoices. Exact does this on behalf of your organization. With the right SPF settings you prevent your invoices from ending up in the spam folder of your customers. But that also applies, for example, to your marketing applications such as Mailchimp or HubSpot. If you forget to set your SPF record correctly, there is a good chance that your e-mails will not end up in your customer's inbox but directly in the spam folder.

Why? Because these SAAS applications send emails on behalf of your company, while of course they are not. SPF records have been devised for this. But you have to put them right. The OnDMARC solution from Aumatics takes this worry off your hands.


DMARC, DKIM and DNS, all very technical terms that can ensure that – if set up properly – your email is thoroughly protected against misuse.

We understand that this is quite technical. But let Aumatics set it up and manage it for you and you are protected 24×7 against CEO fraud and other forms of email abuse.

Why email protection?

  • 96% security breaches come from email.
  • 1.5 million phishing websites are created for mail attacks.
  • $12 Billion Loss Due to Email Fraud


We analyze and interpret the OnDMARC reports you receive and provide you with extensive insights into what is happening within your email domain.


We save you time with automated classification and provide specific actions to receive emails from valid domains and block false ones.


When DMARC is fully implemented, we will constantly monitor your email domain to allow valid domains and protect you from attacks.

“DMARC's Anti-Phishing Benefits Are More Important Than Ever“ – Forrester

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Lennert Hut

Online Marketer