Starlink on Mont Ventoux (and across the EU)

May 13, 2022

Lennert Hut

Online Marketer

Starlink gets a new option for customers. Satellite internet is now also available throughout the EU, without the need to change the location. Before May 2022, Starlink could only be used in a predefined area. This is no longer necessary, making the system much more flexible.

Existing users received an email from SpaceX announcing the new option. Aumatics' Starlink sets can also use this option.

Starlink internet on the Bald mountain

The first customers have already made use of the internet abroad. The NFGD audiovisual pros tested the set on Mont Ventoux in May 2022. At the top of the famous 'Bald Mountain' they successfully tested an internet connection to maintain contact in the valley.

starlink on Mont Ventoux

The start/finish of the Tour du ALS is located at the foot of Mont Ventoux. The annual benefit event in France is not only sponsored by NFGD. NFGD As an audiovisual partner, also provides all connections for the ALS Foundation during this event.

The internet speed and reliability were excellent, according to the professionals. The connection was fast, without delay. Only a heavy hailstorm, combined with dense fog, caused the connection to fail for a short time. The link with the ground station was then immediately and automatically resumed.

Great speed, hardly any delay

See below the statistics. The speed is a good 9Mbps, enough for trouble-free fast internet for a few workplaces. In addition, with a latency between 24-142 msec, there is almost no delay on the line. NFGD was kind enough to share the stats from Mont Ventoux with us. Thank you!

Rent Starlink? Fast internet via satellite within a day, without data limit.

speed of Starlink

The option for internet in the EU costs €25 once.