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Are you still working with Office 2013 software? Nothing to be ashamed of. But the final end is now really close. In April 2023, Microsoft will stop all support for Office 2013. The IT world will then know enough: that is the time for everyone to finally get their hands on it. Do you have Office 2013 or another outdated Microsoft package running somewhere? We are happy to give you tips on what to do next and an important reason to pay attention to it.  

My software works fine. Why switch to Microsoft 365?

Pretending that nothing happened after April 2023 is in any case a no-go. You might not miss product support by phone anytime soon. Until now, Office 2013 was also maintained. Security holes were patched and new updates were released. That will soon no longer happen and that is a problem especially for your IT Security. As soon as no security patches are released, software is immediately unsafe. That's how quickly the threats follow. Calculate in hours, not days when you will be attacked. 

Working in the cloud: 3 advantages 

What are you doing about it? So doing nothing is not an option. Microsoft already mentions 2 alternatives. The most important is Microsoft 365. This package brings you all the familiar Office products (now called apps…), but in the cloud.  

Whatever software you use; the cloud application is the standard nowadays. This also applies to the successor to Office, Windows 365. The advantages? Always up-to-date, safe and your work online everywhere at hand. At the office, at home and that regardless of the device you use. You will also find Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and whatever you want with it. But always updated, without worrying about IT Security within your organization. Naturally, Aumatics helps with a smooth transition to working in the cloud. Bet you never want to go back?  

With a comment.  

There may be good reasons not to look for it in a cloud-based solution. For example, because you can't always count on an internet connection in a remote place. Microsoft 365 is therefore of no use to you, it stands or falls with online availability.  

Or Office 2021 LTSC?

 In that case, the Office 2021 LTSC business package may be a solution. This package is the counterpart of the cloud-based Microsoft 365. It can be a good choice for standalone PCs, which don't need too much. Because you purchase Office LTSC once, you only pay the purchase price. For this you get Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Teams and Powerpoint. So say, the classic way of purchasing software.  

What would you choose Office LTSC for? For example, because you can only or want to make a one-off expense. Some system administrators also use LTSC to maintain strict version control. After all, you know with LTSC that uses nothing more and nothing less. Office 2021 LTSC is available from 5 licenses.  

Make it an exception 

In all other cases: switch to Microsoft 365. On the one hand, this flexible online package offers all the familiarity of Microsoft, while you don't have to worry about IT Security and updates. Microsoft takes care of that itself. All you have to do within your organization is decide how and where you will deploy Microsoft 365. Can everyone use their own device? Do you want this with backup or disaster recovery?  

And while we're on the subject of IT Security. Perhaps the nature of your activities or the type of data you manage justifies more measures. Then an expertly designed and equipped IT environment is a necessity. It really matters where and how you use Microsoft 365, especially for IT Security.  

Is extra attention needed for security, protection of sensitive data or privacy? Then we help with the phasing out of the existing package and take care of the transfer. In this way, you take a giant step on the way to a safe and flexible working environment to Microsoft 365 in one go.