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Turbonomic: cost control on the network starts with insight

As a network administrator, you can have your hands full managing cloud applications. But too often that comes down to treating symptoms. While a total overview provides more certainty about the continuous performance of the network and prevents incidents.

This is not news to experienced IT professionals. Yet that complete overview is often a rarity. You can, with Application Resources Management (ARM) from IBM Turbonomic. And if you can take back the initiative as a network administrator, you can also keep costs under control.

Suppose Aumatics integrates Turbonomic on your network. From that moment on, Turbonomic takes the initiative and shows you the answers to questions that have been asked for a long time about the corporate network.

In this blog we show how Turbonomic can be a solution to challenges that many network administrators will recognize. The answers come soon after.

But first the analysis. Why are more and more administrators losing control of the network?

Total overview, full stack

With full stack we really mean in the broadest sense of the word. Administrators know some network components inside out. But there is a good chance that a network also has gray spots. For example, clandestinely plugged-in devices. They may work fine, but are in direct conflict with the IT Security policy within your organization. Perhaps unconsciously connected, but with that a vulnerability. You can bet that attackers are looking for these kinds of quiet corners and forgotten devices.

turbonomic puts the known and unknown puzzle pieces together. But it does more. A puzzle is as flat as it is. But you as an IT manager know: a network has more dimensions. You don't always see the interaction with other components of an application or app. Turbonomic Automated Resources Management sees that.

From implementation, it itself creates a clear overall overview. In this way you also gain insight into the interaction that all devices within the network have with each other. This allows you to discover cloud applications and local resources in conjunction with each other. And that way you discover - perhaps for the first time - the cause of problems. You won't be the first.

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The multi-layer corporate network. That was the intention, wasn't it?

Corporate networks are increasingly complex and combine local networks with cloud applications. That has often grown historically. Many – too many – networks do not work optimally. That's because the foundation of years ago is still there. And no longer satisfies. It started locally and the tunnel to the cloud has been added and has more and more capacity.

IT professionals and network administrators lack the time and staff to address basic flaws. As a result, it is too often limited to reactive expansion and stacking of resources.

There may also be a good reason for this. Dividing the network into compartments and containers can increase an organization's IT Security. Attackers are less likely to penetrate if they are checked multiple times. But that can also hinder interaction for well-intentioned users and administrators.

The old contradiction between ease of use and IT security then emerges. This can easily be prevented with Turbonomic's Application Resource Management. Only when you know what you can allow, you also know which actions infringe it. And those actions are suspicious. Or an outright breach of your IT Security policy. Turbonomic brings you that insight, and with it the ability to tell the difference between the two.

Turbonomic: IT with more confidence

Finally, we can imagine that as an IT pro you are not waiting for drastic actions. For example, the allocation of servers, hubs or remote desktops. Ask yourself the honest question: to what extent is this because you no longer fully understand the consequences?

This feeling of uncertainty has its origins in a lack of overview. Turbonomic from IBM makes this complete overview, regardless of the size or complexity of your network. To then show you the benefits of automated actions. For example, gain in speed, increase capacity and reduce costs. With the same resources. But then used more effectively.

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