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Flexible working everywhere is the most natural thing in the world. And Cyber ​​Security is simply indispensable for continuity within your organization. Aumatics invents, manages and secures IT applications that make this possible. Customer-friendly managed, with 24/7 monitoring.

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Crowdstrike IT Security at Aumatics
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Customers know where to find us for: 

Hosting and Azure Architecture

Network Management and Support

IT Security and OT Security

Managed Services and Service Desk

crowd strike. Because your organization also needs extra IT Security.

Our new Solution Partner Crowdstrike is the market leader in cloud-based endpoint security. Curious about how Aumatics makes your network more secure with Crowdstrike solutions? Meet Crowdstrike.

Crowdstrike IT Security at Aumatics

Knowledge about IT Security and flexible working does not come naturally to anyone.

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IT Services from Aumatics.
Unique for every customer.

It is still possible to simply offer IT services and products. We prefer to get to know your organization first. In this way we quickly get to the heart of the IT problem. And if you call us, a name is enough for us. No account number, no direct dial menu. That works so well. Also for us! 

IT Services from Aumatics

The world of IT solutions. It continues to intrigue us.

Security and Cloud specialist Aumatics merges with hello,

Security and Cloud specialist Aumatics merges with hello,

Business ICT provider hello, today announces the acquisition of Aumatics. Aumatics, located in Zoetermeer, has since its foundation in 2010 grown into a renowned provider of high-quality ICT solutions, with a strong focus on security services,...

Outsource, overload or WatchGuard?

Outsource, overload or WatchGuard?

The combination will sound familiar. WatchGuard, one of the market leaders in Cyber ​​Security, also notes: Network security is becoming more complex. While no more staff will be added to the IT department. As a result, everyday tasks can take too much time...

Renew your Microsoft 365 license before the price increase

Renew your Microsoft 365 license before the price increase

Starting April 1, prices for Microsoft seat-based cloud services will increase by 11 percent. Do you have Microsoft 365 licenses or another license from Microsoft? Then you can avoid the price increase for a year. Provided that you are already an existing customer and quickly...

Cyber ​​Security in 2023: the fight against intruders

Cyber ​​Security in 2023: the fight against intruders

Incidents and attacks on your cyber security are increasingly carried out unnoticed. The attack in which the door is smashed ('brute force') is on its way out. Instead, known and trusted personal data is increasingly used. It...

A Security.txt alone is not enough

A Security.txt alone is not enough

Security.txt is a great step for more insight into vulnerabilities. But then you are not safe yet. Aumatics explains it to you.

Microsoft: Upgrading = Switching

Microsoft: Upgrading = Switching

On December 13, Microsoft ended support for Windows 10, version 21H1. This was the last update for Windows 10. If it's up to Microsoft, the update will be followed by a move to Windows 11. Does that sound like much more than an update? That is it...

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