Your own private cloud and servers with minimal investment

From our own, ISO 27001 certified data centers, Aumatics offers its customers redundant Private Clouds, in which various Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are active. Whether you need one server or hundreds of them, our data centers have the needed capacity readily available enabling you to grow your business and scale when needed.

Our clients use these server systems to provision their own internal line of business applications, but they are also frequently used for building SAAS solutions for our clients’ customers. Or as OTAP environments for our many software development customers.

Secure connections can, of course, be created between different Private Clouds, Public Clouds and any systems you need to retain at your location; this gives rise to a full hybrid solution.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the ‘private cloud’ of Aumatics offers many advantages. With a virtual server, you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or your own server and rack space. Your provisioned virtual server will be active in Aumatics’ well secured data center. And you pay each month only for the capacity your organisation needs at that time. If your requirement for computing power, memory or storage changes; we can easily adjust it for you immediately, which makes things easy and efficient.

Aumatics will configure your Virtual Private Server exactly according to your wishes. Frequently used applications that can be installed during provisioning include SQL Server, Web Server, Domain Controller, Application Server, Microsoft ADFS, etc.

With a Aumatics Virtual Private Server continuity and availability is properly assured. The power supplies to the data centers are configured with full redundancy, thereby minimising the risk of failure.

Depending on your wishes, Aumatics can provide additional safeties for various aspects and at various levels. Data backup, for example, but also automatic failover in case your server, despite all precautions, goes down or becomes inaccessible. If you opt for failover, another server automatically takes over the tasks of a failed or inaccessible server temporarily, until your own server is back on line.

We also offer the extra-safe option of disaster recovery. With this option, you are safe even if the entire data center drops out. In that case, there is an automatic switch to a different data center, and your systems operate as expected.

Fortunately, it is extremely rare for servers to fail. This is because Aumatics proactively monitors your servers 24/7 and intervenes promptly if necessary to prevent failure.

In short, the Private Cloud solution combined with the Aumatics Virtual Private Server offers you a reliable, safe and, above all, scalable and flexible server environment.

Do your needs change? Then Aumatics simply adapts to your needs.
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