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Kaseya-Datto: Combine

IT Security with overview

The Aumatics range of Kaseya-Datto solutions revolves around unburdening your customers and continuity. There is a strong connection between the two. Do all IT systems and processes work as they should, then you have time and attention for the growth of the organization.

Discover the benefits of Kaseya-Datto solutions and the professional integration by Aumatics.

Kaseya Datto IT Security by Aumatics
Kaseya VSA and Datto RMM

remote monitoring

Aumatics' choice for remote networking and desktop management

BullPhish ID
Phishing awareness training

Phishing Training

Aumatics' tool to arm customers against Phishing.
It's just a drill.

Network Detective Pro
IT Audit Tool

IT audit

Analyze and filter all data, with unprecedented reporting.
With permanent encryption.

Dark web monitoring
Dark Web ID

Dark web monitoring

Don't think your data isn't on the Dark Web. Prevent scams with Dark Web ID.

Kaseya Datto by Aumatics

Working together takes Kaseya and Datto further

In 2023, Kaseya acquired Datto. We understand the collaboration very well. Datto's Remote Desktop solutions demand Kaseya's high-quality IT Security. Discover how your organization gets the most out of the combination.


After getting acquainted, we explore the company network, so that we have a total picture of all parts


We implement, test and transfer the work carefully over your IT colleagues, so that everything works as proposed.


Aumatics IT engineers then look for the right Kaseya-Datto solution. The specific properties of your company network are the starting point.


The Aumatics Skilled Service Desk itself also works with Kaseya-Datto solutions! As experts by experience, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Aumatics teamwork for IT Security and IT services

Security, monitoring, backup

With the use of Kaseya-Datto tools by Aumatics, your organization is assured of backup, restore and protection of all data and software. In the event of incidents, you are up and running again as quickly as possible, without additional damage, while the IT department has maximum overview.

Services we provide in partnership with Kaseya-Datto:

Network management

Servers, routers and access points are protected and robustly secured 24/7. For example with two-factor authentication (TFA).

Managed Services

All Kaseya-Datto solutions are clearly arranged monthly on 1 invoice, per user based on Software as a Service (SaaS).

IT Security

Hackers and other attackers are after your organization's backup, so you have to give in to their blackmail. The impenetrable Kaseya-Datto Cloud prevents that.

IT is co-creation.

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