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Keeper password manager

Prevent employees from wasting time and frustrated with insecure passwords. Keeper generates unique and strong passwords, automatically fills them in and protects them with high-quality encryption. You always have the password safe at hand, on any device.

A weak password is a key to your network for attackers. Eliminate the annoyance of passwords and keep them safe with Keeper password manager. Temporarily 1 year + 3 months free.  

Microsoft Gold Partner

Meet the requirements of the AVG and GDPR

Any cybersecurity framework, from NIST to ISO and PCI to HIPAA, requires the ability to track access. You want to prevent abuse of permission and if necessary you want to be able to control access. 

Keeper exposes role-based controls and shared credentials. Access logs can be consulted at any time. For example for checking compliance or for forensic reasons.

With Keeper password manager, only employees have access to information that is relevant to them and that integrates auditing. This is a major step towards the requirement from the GDPR (AVG) legislation for thorough and appropriate ICT security measures. 

Use Keeper password manager for private passwords too

Private and business are increasingly intertwined. Keeper Password Manager also stores your private passwords. In fact, we recommend that! If your passwords from home are safe, you don't run any risk at all!

Only remember your master password

No more remembering a new password every time. Keeper makes up the rest himself. So you no longer have to maintain passwords with at least a capital letter, punctuation mark, number or whatever. 

Two-factor authentication and SSO

Keeper supports several ways of two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your passwords. This can be set centrally for your organization. In addition, Keeper integrates with well-known Single Sign On (SSO) solutions from ao optimal working from home, Microsoft Azure, ADFS, Okta, G Suite, etc.


Keeper Breachwatch scans the Dark Web

Stolen passwords are widely traded on the Dark Web, an environment where hackers and cyber criminals operate. Breachwatch in Keeper Password Manager continuously scans all vaults for leaked passwords on the Dark Web. This prevents you or your colleague from using a previously stolen or leaked password. 

Keeper password manager: one-click login.

Are you being asked for a password? Keeper password manager records this, based on the website address. Is the password in the safe? Then Keeper offers to enter this password. Or even faster: if you've set this up, it will happen automatically. A few seconds later you are inside. That's it. 

Goalkeeper by Aumatics.
The extra step for more IT Security.

Keeper password manager alone doesn't make a difference. You prevent abuse of passwords, though. But attackers have more methods and they are being used more and more. Get ahead of them, with a thorough analysis and approach from Aumatics for cyber security.

IT partner, not a point of sale

An IT solution can be a one-time action. But cyber security and flexible working online require a sustainable customer relationship. Aumatics keeps your organization up to speed with our IT Services.  

IT Security is a continuous process

IT Security applied today will be obsolete tomorrow. How vulnerable does this make your organization? Let us tell you before hackers tell you. More about IT Security from Aumatics. 

For future-oriented IT

As a Cloud Solutions Provider, we take business networks to the next level. Through an improved design and a smarter layout, for example. Work faster and save on IT management.

Contract management? Leave it to us

You will find Microsoft software, services and services on one clear invoice from us. With a tailor-made package, tailored to company size and size. Can be canceled per month if desired.

Take out an annual license and get 3 months free!

Are your passwords for sale?

Get in touch and schedule a Dark Web Scan in!

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