Preventing Ransomware

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How does Ransomware work?

Ransomware is malicious software which is used by cyber criminals to extort money from you. this type cyber attacks is one of the most commonly used. 

These attacks can make companies millions of euros costs and can also hundreds of hours demand to reset and restore all devices and data that were affected by the attack destroyed.

There are a number of steps that cyber criminals implement within your company. First, the system will be prompted for the malware to install.

By installing the malware, the ransomware takes control of the computer or system and all data is encrypted. Finally, the malware shows a message with a piece of text that probably indicates that money has to be paid. The encrypted files are not accessible until the money is paid. 

Ransomware? HOW DO I GET IT?

There are a number of ways your computer or system can invaded be by ransomware. The most important is email phishing en spam emails with malicious content.

As soon as a link is clicked or the user opens the attachment, the computer or system infected with the ransomware and spread throughout the network. Another type of attack is through a exploit kit. This kit takes advantage of the vulnerability or poor security of the system or program.

Prevent ransomware?

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Protect against ransomware attacks

Whether you are already completely in the cloud works, you IT environment still on-premise or a combination of both, securing your documents and data is still crucial. Having a good backup is not only useful in the event of a technical disruption or accidental deletion of a document. It also offers the possibility of recovery in the case of, for example, a cryptolocker; An ransomware attack where the hacker encrypts your data beyond recognition and your data is no longer available. This also applies if you use Microsoft 365. Even then it is necessary to make a backup. 

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Our solutions against Ransomware

With our off-site backup solutions from Veeam en Data we secure your data at regular intervals and actively check the status of the backup system. A nice thought, knowing that your data is safe.

Ransomware will be the biggest online threat in 2021. With the insights that Aumatics has, we can see how threats arise, when they arise and where they come from. Aumatics can secure the files and backups for you and keep them safe.