Apache Log4j Q&A

Apache Log4j has opened the door for attackers to your corporate network.
Read here how to keep them out.

Am I using Apache Log4j?

Probably. It appears in a long list of commonly used software. Read below how to discover this. But most importantly: take action quickly. For example, attackers can run off with confidential information or install ransomware. 

3 essential questions

It is essential to make a realistic assessment of the risks of this leak. Have you already done this? check. But was this analysis done before December 11? Then you can start again, because the leak in Apache Log4j was not noticed before that time.

In a week's time we quickly built up knowledge about Apache Log4j. For example, not all known monitoring tools are able to detect this leak. Aumatics has the right monitoring to recognize ApacheLog4j on your network. That includes: factors that are already active and all other threats.

Priority 1 is holding back, that's for sure. However, with this leak, affected organizations are lagging behind, because attackers are already inside the secure environment. An expert Incident Recovery plan is then necessary to prevent things from getting worse and to prevent a recurrence in the future.

In our latest blog about apache log4j we answer 5 questions about this attack

Curious about what you can do for the security of your organization? What is Apache Log4J? Is my organization vulnerable to attacks and how do I control this? Click on the green button below and see how you can combat this leak!

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