Attention for Active Directory in Tenable webinar

'The Active Directory can be imagined as a joint address book in a company network and is the heart of your access policy. That data is mainly used for Windows applications, but not only. Other programs also use this,' says Frank.

The importance of properly securing this data is therefore absolutely clear. It also immediately explains why the Active Directory is a popular target for hackers.

Frank Kemeling new senior security consultant at Aumatics

'And that's not just because of the concentration of contact details,' explains Frank. 'In addition, Active Directory also manages rights. Once you get there as a hacker, you can give yourself access to all kinds of processes and applications.'

If you have a solution such as, you will suddenly notice when changes are made or when access to sensitive information is attempted. In addition, can also be used to perform analyzes. For example, you can find out what percentage of users have administrator rights.


The webinar is not just about the risks of external threats. Many network administrators and other IT professionals struggle with the provisioning of Active Directory and poor provisioning leaves the door open for malicious parties. During the webinar it will be shown where the vulnerabilities are and how this can be repaired., Tenable's Active Directory protection solution, is able to detect threats early, before they can wreak havoc on your corporate network. In the webinar, Tenable takes you through a step-by-step procedure to better organize Active Directory.

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The advice during the online meeting comes from Chris Eves, Security Engineer at and Jonathan Taghavi, Territory Manager at You can sign up through this link.

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