Aumatics launches ISO data security certification

ISO certification

With this quality mark, customers of Aumatics have the certainty that their data is in good hands. The process is expected to be successfully completed by early 2022.

Aumatics maintains, manages and secures the IT environment for dozens of organizations. Many customers choose Aumatics because of higher requirements for Cyber ​​Security. For example, for the management and maintenance of vital processes in society, for home workplaces and industrial processes. Aumatics can meet this need thanks to experience with and expertise in IT Security.

Extra security with structure

Aumatics has followed all guidelines from the AVG since the implementation of the law. However, the ISO certification sets requirements for, for example, recording, storage and safeguarding. Aumatics is now going to realize this, so that the care can be demonstrated.


'The certification for ISO 27001 is the guarantee to the outside world that Aumatics is in good hands when it comes to data security', says Ed van Puffelen, director/founder of Aumatics. 'Our employees already have that attitude. The ISO 27001 certificate will soon show that we also do this on a structural basis and that the bar is high for us.'

Documenting and continuously instructing everyone will be a big job. Fortunately, Aumatics is not alone, says Van Puffelen. 'We have had good experiences in the past with certification partner QVOX. We are confident that we will be able to obtain the predicate with their guidance.'

Want to know more?

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