Don't make Black Friday Black December

Black Friday? Nice retail promotion for shoppers. But also a risk for IT Security in an organization. With a password manager you prevent business damage caused by leaked personal passwords.

Hackers have a good reason for connecting a 'shopper's party' with an attack on your corporate network. Attackers search online for every opportunity to break into a corporate network. Our experience is that that opportunity is found faster than you think.

On a quick scan of a network – we do it gladly and without obligation – we regularly encounter dozens of weaknesses. Black Friday can unintentionally add additional problems.

Business laptop, private use

Gartner, an influential IT research firm, made this clear recently. Here too we can point the finger of blame at corona. It has ensured that work and private life intertwine.

That is true of the majority of those polled in the Gartner poll. It shows that about 55% of the tens of thousands of respondents indicated that business devices are used for personal use. This is often online shopping. And that brings us to Black Friday.

Do you also shop privately with your employer's PC? It may well be that the loan agreement of your PC states that this is not a good idea. If not, here it is again: not a good idea.

For example, you are bombarded with Black Friday deals in emails these days. Do you check every link in such a mailing? Does this actually come from the web store?

With one click in

If this is not the case, there is a chance that you will give hackers access to your device with one click. This happens in the background, without you noticing. The attacker can then try to gain access to the company network via your device.

We can read daily in the news where that leads. It takes you a month to recover from an attack. These are expensive days, when many colleagues sit with their arms folded.

Two tips, with an offer from Aumatics:

If your passwords have ever been leaked once, chances are your data has been exposed on the dark web.

Curious about the check? Ask us at the bottom of the page or read more about our services for IT SecurityThe approach chosen for IT Security partly depends on how much and which data we encounter on the dark web.       

A password manager prevents expensive mistakes

Use an extra lock on the door. Passwords are often less strong than you think. Using a password manager prevents a lot of trouble. It's an extra lock on the door. Much needed today!

That's why we would like to introduce you to password manager for free Keeper. Request a license for a trial period, for you and your colleagues. 

This minimizes the chance that passwords are lying around unsecured in the wrong places. And passwords stolen from Keeper's password vault are unusable elsewhere due to encryption.

All passwords under lock and key

Secured with industry-leading encryption.

Only you control access

With 1 password.


Offered if you need them.

AFTER THE TRIAL PERIOD: €2,50 per month

Keeper Password Manager from Aumatics

The first Three MONTHS FREE!

In addition, Keeper checks if the password matches the specified website. Is someone trying to scam you with a fake site? Then the url is different.

Keeper will then warn you that the credentials are entered in the wrong place. In that case, the alarm bells will go off before the attack can be launched. It can mean the difference between having a nice Christmas or limiting the damage! 


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Don't turn a private password into a business threat

Private passwords are thrown around a bit too often and therefore also pose a business risk. A password manager offers convenience at home and at work. But above all: it prevents threats, because private passwords also meet business standards for IT Security.

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