The Canva Plugin for HubSpot: Social Media Dream Team

An important goal of plugins is to make life easier in a familiar work environment. There is an app in HubSpot that could use a little more attention. It is the Canva plugin for HubSpot. The unique thing is: the plugin is extremely popular with designers and SEO geeks.

For HubSpot users: the plugin can be found in the marketplace like any other. Its popularity puts the Canva plugin for HubSpot at the top. That saves scrolling again. Connect the app to HubSpot and allow it to interact. Fasten your seat belts.

Canva plugin for Hubspot: the facts

For the newbies in online marketing: should we introduce Canva yet? Since its introduction in 2013, Canva has managed to create compelling visuals at an amazingly low entry level and you're on your way in no time. With an optimal low learning curve so. The last time it was this easy to create visuals was when anyone could paint with Ravensburger

Canva came at the right time, when social media took off. Social media and Canva were and are a great combination, because it gives quick results and Canva keeps a close eye on the most important socials when it comes to specs.

That's valuable info for all social geeks. For example, the largest socials regularly adjust the requirements for their ideal visual. These are mainly dimensions, but also consider adding popular file formats. Canva has them sharp on the radar. Do you want to create a visual for your post? Then the Canva plugin for HubSpot will help you with the best layout.

Surprise with your visuals while preserving your SEO

The enthusiasm of designers and marketers lies in the combination of convenience and results HubSpot and Canva at the same time. Are you a designer not ready to leave your Canva kingdom for HubSpot yet? Then there is a good chance that you will eventually make your fancy pictures exclusively for you inner circle. You will not notice it quickly from the likes. Your friends, grandparents will click. But you can forget your listing in Google. We don't think it's the intention, because the chimney should also smoke.

To maintain your regular audience and at the same time be good at SEO, you can share the posts in HubSpot. We are happy to help you with a Hubspot demo, so that you discover the benefits for yourself.

Are you in HubSpot and have you found Canva in the Marketplace and installed it? Then the social tool in your Marketing Hub has a Canva upgrade.  

Design with Canva in HubSpot

Without realizing it, you enter the universe of Canva. But just within your HubSpot window, without navigating to another location. Do the Magic in Canva and when you're done, then Canva puts your visual in the post in HubSpot. So easy.

Canva visuals with HubSPot added value

Also, the benefit of the trip is that your file is also simply added to your Canva database. This way, everything remains central, while you can immediately see the statistics about clicks and reach in HubSpot.

Still unsure if HubSpot is for you? But you already have an account in Canva? Our advice is: start anyway. We explained in this post how Canva makes life easy for HubSpot customers. 

HubSpot menu in Canva

But the Canva plugin for HubSpot also gives you the option to share visuals in HubSpot from Canva itself. And this also works in the free version of HubSpot. Once you've made the link, you've been given an extra choice in the Canva main menu.

Here you can immediately see which images you have in HubSpot, so that you can edit them immediately.

You can now also add. With the new file sharing feature, you can share your artwork in Canva directly with the social tool in HubSpot:

Hubspot image files in Canva

We see the clear message that Canva is giving us? Namely that it is time to connect Canva with HubSpot. Take the first step here!


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