Solutions Partners of Aumatics

Problems with IT Security and flexible working can be solved easily. In theory then. In practice, the challenge turns out to be more complex. It costs more time, more money and demands more from colleagues than estimated in advance. Present the problem to the IT professionals at Aumatics. We connect the challenge with the right solution for your IT environment. 

Solution Partners for leveraging knowledge

We use proven measures and partners with a reputation. Assume that your IT Security, backup or flexible working challenge has already happened. 

Aumatics links this to the right strategy and the right Solutions Partner. Without prior preference. The customized solution is leading in this, not the supplier or partner.

Aumatics + Solutions Partner =


Aumatics' Solutions Partners also ask for our involvement outside your project. You don't just earn the status of Gold Partner of Microsoft or Silver Partner of VEEAM. We closely follow trends and developments. Things that make working for your organization easier. But also identifying threats to IT Security and taking action against them.

Thanks to the collaboration of our Solution Partners, we are first in line when an attack is underway or a new threat is identified. Rapid action may have already prevented an attack on your company network or workplace. Trust us, it won't be the last time.

One step ahead

A Managed Service Provider such as Aumatics has a large number of extra antennas for all threats due to the strong relationship with partners. This way we prevent outages, damage and delays caused by hackers, spam and ransomware.

Curious about the background of our collaboration with a Solution Partner? Get to know them above, or read the blogs of our Solution Partners below. 

HubSpot CRM Testimonial from Jaap van Vliet
#hubspot #quarantine
Jaap van Vliet

Help! I'm quarantined in HubSpot

Recently we set up a trial for a law firm for HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub. But what if your invitations stall, because HubSpot pulls the emergency brake and place them in Hubspot quarantined contacts?

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Black Friday
#keeper #password manager #ITSecurity
Lennert Hut

Don't make Black Friday Black December

Black Friday? Nice retail promotion for shoppers. But also a risk for IT Security in an organization. With a password manager you prevent business damage caused by leaked personal passwords.

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Case: solid cloud environment with support
#cybersecurity #fireware #network #WatchGuard
Lennert Hut

Case: total solution for working in the cloud

The client was looking for a scalable platform for working in the cloud. Speed ​​and scalability were essential in the execution of this project. Aumatics IT engineers

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3 tips from the AIVD for more cyber security
#cyber security #it security #prevention
Lennert Hut

3 tips from the AIVD for more cyber security

A hacker attack or ransomware removal is not only costly. The National Bureau for Connection Security, part of the AIVD, is fighting against 3 guiding principles. We like to share them.

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Aumatics at DIFx about Cyber ​​Security and the chance of being hacked
Lennert Hut

DIFx Live: Will I Be Hacked Soon?

Suppose your company is not in the spotlight too much. You don't sell state secrets. You do not work for the Dutch Central Bank. Should I be concerned about my cyber security?

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