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Eliminate all risks with Palo Alto applications.

Eliminate all risks. Maximize the visibility of threats. Using the most powerful means to keep attackers out. Will we ever approach 100% security? Perhaps it is an impossible task. Palo Alto comes surprisingly close to that.

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High end Cyber ​​Security. Accessible to everyone.

Aumatics listens carefully to the challenge within your organization and then links the right Palo Alto solution to it. The goal: to consistently achieve the highest level of Cyber ​​Security for your organization. For this reason, Aumatics has been not only a Palo Alto Partner since 2023, but also an Innovator.

Multi-layer if necessary

Aumatics uses Palo Alto as a backstop for critical processes. For 100% protection, anytime.

Focused on efficiency

Palo Alto solutions have proven a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Avoid threats

Aumatics deploys Palo Alto as the fastest line of defense against newly released attacks.

Also OT security

The production environment can become a prominent target for attackers. Do not wait for the outside world to discover the weak spot with our experience and knowledge of OT Security. 

Aumatics teamwork for IT Security and IT services

Satisfied customers with
high demands.

Aumatics deploys Palo Alto for the most demanding Cyber ​​Security tasks. For example, for critical infrastructure and for customers with the highest demands. They have been relying on Aumatics' IT Security and OT Security with Palo Alto solutions for many years.

Aumatics uses Palo Alto for:  

IT Security

Aumatics secures organizations with critical infrastructure and sensitive data with Palo Alto solutions. Demanding customers often ask for Palo Alto solutions.

OT Security

Aumatics monitors and secures the continuity in critical business processes for uninterrupted production and availability.

Organization & Training

IT Security and OT Security are still people work. We introduce your colleagues to Palo Alto solutions, so that security remains at a high level even without our involvement.

IT unburdens. Discover the convenience.

Discover how Aumatics can be your partner for reliable IT Services. Dozens of customers preceded you. Contact us and we will discuss your IT challenge further.

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