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Why you should switch to the Cloud

Aumatics wants to show you that switching to the Cloud can be a very attractive option for your organisation. As well as increasing the flexibility of your employees and cutting costs, it has even more advantages for your organisation. Want to read on?


Working independently of location
Work on a report in the office; check the final version of an important proposal on the way to a meeting; and fine-tune a presentation for tomorrow at your kitchen table in the evening. It’s all possible in the Cloud. Furthermore, everyone has the latest version of a document available to them. In that way, your employees acquire the possibility to allocate their time more efficiently and switch more quickly.

You save on costs
With a Cloud environment you can respond faster to changes in your organisation, and big, one-off investments make way for monthly payments according to use. This is because you no longer have to set up and maintain your entire ICT Infrastructure.

With Cloud-based applications, it is easy to adjust the number of users to your organisation’s needs. In this way it is really easy to increase or decrease the number of workstations according to your requirements. This brings a lot of benefits, especially for fast-growing organisations and those with a variable workload. You can gain an advantage here, especially if you operate in a competitive market.

There are few office environments that are as well protected as your data in the Cloud. Moreover, it is very easy to specify who has access to which files. You can even specify when someone is to have access, and for how long. This means you can prevent the wrong people having access to sensitive information.

Automatic software updates
The nice thing about working in the Cloud is that you don’t have to concern yourself with the latest software updates. It is all sorted out for you.

Switching to the Cloud
If you want your organisation to be able to respond to a fast-changing world, switching to the Cloud is an attractive proposition that can make a major contribution to optimising your business activities. To a large extent, your organisation’s versatility determines how quickly you can respond to market trends and the degree of competitive advantage you can gain.

What can Aumatics do for you?
Over the years Aumatics has already migrated many organisations. large and small, from ‘on-premise’ to the Cloud. What’s more, none of these organisations have reverted to an ‘on-premise’ solution, and they see working with the Cloud as something they should have done much earlier.

Would you like to know how Aumatics can help you work more efficiently, securely and flexibly with a switch to the Cloud? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to help!