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We protect your IT environment

The complexity of IT environments is increasing and so is the dependence that you have as an organization. Like water from the tap, we all expect IT systems to “just work” at all times.

To make this possible, the central systems in data centers or in the cloud, together with the workstations of the users, must be up-to-date with the latest security updates and system improvements. Security must also be of a high level to protect your organization's systems, users and data against data leaks, ransomware, viruses and other threats.

We monitor and protect your systems against this. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A comforting thought.

Start at the door

Thorough security starts to an important extent at the front door of your organization. The known Internet connection over which data is sent and received. Cyber ​​criminals also try to gain access to your network and your company data via this connection.

Good protection starts with a good firewall. A device that, acting as gatekeeper and guard, checks whether data can enter, but also whether they can leave.

For the best protection, Aumatics Firewall provides, installs, deploys and manages solutions from Watchguard, Palo Alto and Clavister. We also provide the stable fiber optic Internet connection to your business premises. Aumatics supplies fiber optic connections from Eurofiber, Uniscape, KPN and Tele2. Each and every one of them has a modern and stable network, where we look at availability and the best price for you.

The front door is 1 but any back doors must also be guarded and protected. As an example, our WiFi access point solutions are connected to the central Firewall so that you are also optimally protected via your WiFi network. And if we now also add the workplaces, we have an actual 360° view of the environment.

Of course we manage and monitor the connections and firewalls on a 24×7 basis.

Guard your IT
we protect your IT

Cloud protection

Organizations are increasingly seeing the benefits of the Cloud. Flexibility and scalability are important factors for a migration to the cloud. Costs are also mentioned, but a migration to the Cloud does not necessarily mean that it is cheaper than alternatives. 

Aumatics specializes in the security options of the Cloud and in particular Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Microsoft has invested a lot in security solutions and the results are impressive. 

The solutions we offer are not only aimed at keeping cyber criminals out, but also at keeping company data and intellectual property in. 

Take away: Cloud protection is part responsibility of the customer and the Cloud provider.

Workplace and user

Despite all technology, it has unfortunately turned out that humans are the weakest link in the chain… 

Something to keep in mind. It may be ignorance that causes things to go wrong, but unfortunately it has also been shown too often that it is intentional. 

So we must not only monitor and protect the IT systems, but also monitor the IT resources used by the employees and their behavior. Obviously not substantively and following the GDPR legislation, but even with that in place it is possible to detect deviations from “normal behaviour”. The systems are capable of detecting and alarming these kinds of deviations. This way you prevent data leaks and loss of company data.

Another easy-to-implement solution is to enable a MFA or 2FA solution. 

We protect

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