We proactively manage your IT

We manage

The management phase has already been taken into account in the design of your new or adapted IT infrastructure, but also during construction. After all, the systems must be highly available and stable.

We use the right tools for this that monitor, protect and provide the latest security and application updates. That is important because we want to offer you an IT environment that is very stable so that you can focus on your organization while we take care of IT management and security.

Completely unburdening that is our expertise, but of course you can also do some of it. Then we work smoothly, pragmatically and with short lines of communication with your internal IT department. We have been used to this shared management responsibility for years and our customers appreciate our flexibility and speed in the service provided.

From our Skilled Service Desk we support the users and we handle questions and incidents quickly and pragmatically. Changes are thought through and implemented in a controlled manner for maximum availability.


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Because the environment is proactively monitored and managed, we increase the availability of your IT systems so that your employees can carry out their work undisturbed. In addition, it ensures optimal security of your company data. We not only ensure that the security is in order, we check and manage the backups and regularly test the restore facilities. 

Bottlenecks that could arise in the infrastructure due to increased use or increased load are prevented because they are identified at an early stage. We include this in our regular consultations and discuss the solutions.

In short, making sure your IT environment functions optimally is our responsibility. That's how we feel and we act accordingly.

Service desk

Skilled Service Desk

Our Skilled Service Desk is ready to answer questions, provide support in the event of disruptions and to request and implement changes. We keep track of everything in our service management system and with the customer portal that is made available, you have a full view of all tickets, changes, but also the costs and work performed. 

In this way, we not only manage your IT infrastructure and workplaces, but also manage all processes around it. We are used to thinking in ITIL processes, but implement it the Aumatics way. That means we do it pragmatically and applicable. It is a means to perform thorough and professional service management for you as a customer. But it shouldn't be inhibiting. 

In short, we understand that the IT environment 'just has to do it' and that we have to help you smoothly and quickly if there is an incident or disruption. But we also understand that sometimes things have to be done faster and differently. And we are certainly that flexible and manoeuvrable.

In this way we work together transparently. Do you also want to collaborate like this?  

Azure management

Due to our close cooperation with Microsoft as a Gold Partner and our partner software development companies, we have already become proficient in Microsoft's Azure platform at an early stage. As a customer, it offers you a flexible and, above all, scalable environment in which we ensure that the services for your company are precisely tailored to the requirements and wishes.

Microsoft Azure uses the pay-per-use principle, which means that you only pay for the services actually purchased and used. In our design we make a cost calculation based on the expected use of the IT environment so that you have a good overview of the cost component.

Of course we manage your entire Azure Cloud environment and we ensure an optimally equipped and documented environment.

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