StarLink temporary internet from Aumatics

STARLINK RENT: Fast temporary internet, without a subscription

Are you without an internet connection for your event or party? Is 4G or another (temporary) connection too expensive or not fast enough? Solve it with Starlink temporary internet.

Wirelessly online in 30 minutes, thanks to the Tesla Group's groundbreaking innovation. 

Starlink has a download speed between 150 – 500 Mbps within the Netherlands. High speeds, which can be used on any terrain. This allows your food truck or ATM to be provided with internet. This way you also have internet during your party or event.

Aumatics has internet from Star Link is set up in half an hour after arrival. Anywhere in the Netherlands

How does Starlink internet work?

Instant reconnection via Tesla's satellite. Provided by the IT professionals at Aumatics. We deliver the Starlink set and connect it. We plug in your WiFi device or cable and you're done! Stream it. 

Are you without internet?

Let us know below; we will contact you immediately and drive by. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about this service and the terms and conditions.

Why Starlink for your food truck or event?

You can rent the Starlink with us at a fixed rate per day. the starting rate for pick-up and delivery is €120, excl. VAT.

The rental amount is €42 /per day, excl. VAT, with a minimum of 3 days.

So you don't pay per MBs used or with a subscription. This ensures that it is much more flexible and you determine how much internet you need. Have fun!

Aumatics' IT experts install Starlink at any location within 30 minutes. They then also test whether everything works and whether there are any questions.

Because Starlink is in direct connection with the satellite, speeds between 150 Mbps and 500 Mbps are achieved. This applies to the whole of the Netherlands, provided that Starlink is installed outside with a clear view upwards. 

Outside, with as much unobstructed view as possible. Too many nearby buildings or other obstacles can reduce speed. Starlink can also be installed on a flat roof.

Starlink temporary internet
Ernest van Loon, Head of Media Technology and ICT Broadcasting Flevoland
Ernest van Loon, Head of Media Technology and ICT Broadcasting Flevoland
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'StarLink provided fast and easy internet during our live broadcast from the Floriade 2022. We really liked it, the connection is perfectly fine. Set up quickly, good service. Recommended!'


From €48/day, call-out costs €120


StarLink is Tesla's project to enable fast broadband internet in as many places on Earth as possible. Hundreds of satellites have been shot into the sky for this purpose in recent years. The signal is received by a satellite dish. The satellite of Starlink internet is connected to the router. We connect the router to your network. After testing, you can get back to work.

The StarLink package includes the satellite, the tripod and the adapter with the Wifi router. So there are two cables coming out of the router; the power cord and the Internet cable. That's all! More information about StarLink can be found at StarLink's website. 

Do you have questions? The Skilled Service Desk from Aumatics is happy to help you!

Yes, the range is already sufficient in the Netherlands (October 2021) and will be improved in the coming months. This does depend on position and unobstructed view. Reception is less between buildings, but still possible. Please note that the scope of delivery is 1 set, sufficient to provide about 5 workplaces with internet. StarLink is therefore not a solution for an organization of 100 employees. 

In the Netherlands, the speed of StarLink temporary internet by Aumatics is between 100 and 300Mbit/sec with a latency between 20 and 40ms. This is enough for 'normal' work, for watching videos and sending files. Conducting multiple video calls simultaneously can falter when availability is reduced.

That depends on what you want StarLink temporary internet to do. From the Randstad, Aumatics drives with the StarLink kit to every destination in the Netherlands. The call-out costs are €112 euros. 

Rent StarLink? You will be online within 30 minutes of arrival. The call-out costs and collection within the Netherlands are €240. This includes deployment, testing the connection and instruction (5 min...) The daily rate is €48 per day, with a minimum of 3 days. There are no further costs for the data bundle. 

Yes! Since May 2022 you can use Starlink in other countries if you pay an extra portability fee of 25,-. Normally you could establish Starlink in one location, with the new portability option this has changed. Do you want to know more about the new option? Then read our blog about this.