The Microsoft 365 WORKPLACE
from Aumatics

Safe and fast collaboration in the IT cloud.

Questions about the MICROSOFT 365 WORKPLACE?

You want to collaborate optimally with colleagues. The well-known it solutions and software from Microsoft 365 take care of this. But it has to be safe and efficient, because you want to keep going. For your customers, relations and suppliers. 

Aumatics offers the right solution for your organization. For a fixed amount per user, per month. With customization for your situation and flexibly deployed if necessary.

The Aumatics workplace is quickly and professionally installed by our IT engineers. Tailor-made for everyone in your organization. Aumatics goes further than just the technical realization. We make sure that the workplace can be used optimally by everyone.

Work worry-free everywhere in Microsoft 365

Managed and Secure



After installation you can count on our services. And that is where Aumatics makes the difference. While you're working, we take care of your IT Security. Optimally protected against hackers, spam, ransomware and phishing. In the background and if necessary, proactive. 

And if you need us, you can count on the IT Support of the Aumatics Service Desk. Our skilled service desk employees help customers quickly, without delay, direct dialing menus or ticket numbers. At Aumatics customers are human beings, not numbers. Our attention to you Microsoft 365 workspace goes to the solution. 

Aumatics Modern Workplace Work everywhere

What is the Microsoft 365 workspace?

Whether you work at home, at the office or at a customer, with the Microsoft 365 workspace from Aumatics you can collaborate with your colleagues everywhere. Exchange files with the well-known programs from Office. Think Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more. Conduct Team Meetings and share your ideas safely and quickly and email with the secure version of Outlook. 

The Microsoft 365 workplace offers you the right tools to quickly and easily collaborate effectively with your colleagues. Your work is done faster. On to the next new initiative and idea!

Working safely in an IT Cloud environment

Collaborate on files in a professionally managed IT Cloud. This offers security and at the same time flexibility and optimization of available resources. 

A properly composed and managed work environment ensures that company data is stored securely and that only the right people have access to it.

As your IT partner, Aumatics adds the best security measures. So that you are optimally protected against, for example, viruses and phishing attacks.

Aumatics Modern Workplace Safe Working
Aumaticas Modern Workplace Managed

Microsoft 365 workplace managed and supported

The services of Aumatics for your Microsoft 365 are aimed at optimally supporting the employee with a wide range of applications.

Aumatics supplements this with optimal management in the foreground and background, so that it functions optimally.

At the skilled Service desk, our service desk employees are available daily to support if necessary. Pragmatic, fast, friendly and solution-oriented.

Question about the MICROSOFT 365 WORKPLACE?

Modern Workplace Services

Microsoft 365​

Fast and flexible collaboration in the Cloud with Microsoft Office and your other business applications, that is what the modern workplace offers. We help you throughout the entire process to make the most of it. From design, migration to workspace management and user support.​

Adoption. Embracing the IT solution​

Making your strategically chosen IT solution really work for you. It will be "adoption" and it means that we ensure that the modern workplace is optimally deployed and used within your organization. Not just a technical migration, but ensure that you take a big step forward.​
"With the Microsoft 365 laptops managed by Aumatics, we can work together safely anywhere and if we have any questions, the Services Desk is always available to answer any questions!"
L. Cools
Office manager

Modernize your workplace: Use Cases for your industry

Modern Workplace for (Bio)pharmacy

By deploying the various components of Microsoft 365, we help biopharmaceutical companies to safely handle patient data and case studies. In the context of compliance, we take into account the AVG/GDPR legislation during the implementation and, if desired, we fulfill the DPO role for you. DPO as a Service.

Modern Workplace for Financials

The financial world has undergone a huge change in which Cloud solutions, working from home and digital collaboration have been widely embraced. With our use of tooling for identity, rights, data protection and device management, the compliance requirements set in the financial world can be met.

Modern Workplace for Charities

As a non-profit organization you fulfill an important mission for our society. We understand that fundraising should benefit the causes you support as much as possible. With the fully managed and secure Microsfot 365 workplace from Aumatics, you can work together optimally on your mission, while we support you on a daily basis in the field of ICT.

Question and answer

Microsoft 365 is the online work environment provided by Microsoft. You can only use the many office applications such as Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, Power BI and much more with an Internet connection and an Internet browser. You can also choose to install these Office applications locally on your workplace. This way you can continue working even when you are not online.

Microsoft also offers the components of Office such as Word, Excel and Outlook in a Web version. These are therefore used via the web browser. The functionality is not entirely the same as the locally installed full version of Office, but more than sufficient for a large number of users. An internet connection is always required to use these web applications. 

The advantage is that with just a web browser you already make many options available to the users of your organization. 

The full (and locally installed) version of Office offers more options, can also be used if you are not connected to the internet, but must be installed at the workplace.

The Modern Workplace, based on Microsoft 365, consists of a number of components that add functionality for the user. Depending on the needs of your organization, we jointly determine which Microsoft 365 version fits best. 

Certainly! Many migrations have been done from a technical point of view. We look at it from the user's point of view and business processes and ensure that users can make optimal use of the new possibilities and processes run faster and more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 offers extensive options for protecting data to prevent data leaks, among other things. Comprehensive auditing may provide insight into data flows and what happened to files.

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Feel free to send us an email. We are happy to think along with you about how we can use MicroSoft 365 within your organization, the Aumatics way.

We design the Microsoft 365 workspace based on your business goals and budget. For every place, every moment and every device. 

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