IT solutions

We design, implement and manage smart IT solutions for your organization and your employees. From a modern and secure workplace environment to complete IT (hybrid) cloud infrastructures in which your entire IT environment is optimal, safe and complete. managed is operational. 

Using standardized products from Microsoft, Google, Watchguard and Citrix, among others, we tailor our solutions specifically to your situation. After all, every organization is different. 

We are also happy to use our years of experience and knowledge for your organization to create an optimal IT environment for your organization that just does it. 

Modern Workplace

You want to collaborate optimally with colleagues, customers and suppliers, but in a safe and efficient way. 

We offer exactly the right solutions for that. We go further than just the technical realization. We ensure that the modern workplace can be used optimally by everyone.

Aumatics designs, builds and manages modern workplaces based on Microsoft 365 technology. Workstations that perfectly match the wishes of your company as well as the versatile user. Safe workplaces, protected against malware, phishing and other dangers.

Aumatics Modern Workplace

IT solutions IN THE CLOUD

Our cloud specialists design and implement complete IT solutions, such as infrastructures with modern virtualization technology for maximum availability and fault tolerance. 
This can be done in our own ISO 27001 certified data centers, in your own infrastructure or in the cloud such as Microsoft Azure. The solution is always specifically tailored to your requirements and wishes.
Of course we monitor your environment 24×7 with modern monitoring solutions and we carry out proactive management so that the latest security patches and updates are always installed to mitigate the risks of vulnerabilities.

The possibilities that cloud brings are enormous. Due to the building blocks it offers, specific solutions can be built and implemented step by step. We like to say “thoughtful change, visible improvement”.

Aumatics - What We Do - We Manage

Managed services

Every day, we monitor, protect and manage thousands of components in our customers' infrastructure and systems 24×7. 
Thanks to smart monitoring systems, our extensive knowledge and experience, we ensure maximum availability of your systems and applications. With a pragmatic attitude and fast service, changes are controlled and implemented thoughtfully. 
We carry out structural proactive management so that the latest security patches and updates are always installed to mitigate risks of vulnerabilities. 


The workplace and cloud services are designed to work as smoothly as possible. However, it is possible that you as a user cannot figure it out. Every day our skilled service desk is ready to help you if it doesn't work the way you want or if you no longer know exactly how something works in your office or business application. Easily accessible, professional and committed, we will help you get back to work quickly.

Want to know more?

Do you have any questions or do you want to know more about our services specifically for your industry? Feel free to send us a message. We like to think along with you.

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