Flexible and inexpensive

The Aumatics Office 365 service, just as the Aumatics Desktop Online service, provides a flexible and scalable service to give your employees the opportunity to work anytime, anywhere with the Microsoft Office 365 applications. You pay per user, per month and you can easily adjust or change the monthly subscriptions.

In addition to the Aumatics Desktop Online service, Aumatics offers the Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution: a flexible, scalable service that gives your employees the possibility to work with Microsoft’s Office 365 applications at any time, anywhere. You pay monthly for each user, and can modify the number of subscriptions each month or change the form of the subscription.

As well as the Microsoft Office applications, Aumatics Office 365 offers the possibility to use a central email server (Exchange Online) and central storage (Sharepoint Online for sharing data and for collaboration, and OneDrive for storing individual data), next to several other great programs like Teams, Groups and Power BI.

An important difference is that Aumatics Office 365 operates in Microsoft’s ‘public cloud’ (and not in Aumatics’ ‘private cloud’). This means your data may well be stored securely in the Microsoft cloud, but it can be held all over the world in Microsoft’s data centers.

Another substantial difference with the Desktop Online is that Office 365 offers the applications in two versions. The full versions have to be installed on a PC, laptop or tablet; the online versions are available via the web browser, but are somewhat limited in terms of functionality. For daily use, a PC or laptop (a ‘fat client’) may in many cases still be required, which needs to be managed and regularly maintained via updates. This increases the management cost component of the solution.

On the other hand, the subscription costs for Aumatics Office 365 are very inexpensive. The table below gives a brief overview of the main similarities and differences:

Aumatics Office 365 Aumatics Desktop Online
Standard Office applications
Client Fat client Thin client
Cloud Microsoft Public Cloud Aumatics Private Cloud
Data storage Global Netherlands (Delft, A’dam)
E-mail server Exchange Online (optional) Hosted Exchange (optional)
File sharing SharePoint (optional) Fileserver, Sharepoint (optional)
Work offline
Backup capabilities Limited Expanded
Subscription price €€
Cost management €€€


Considering buying Office 365 from Aumatics? If so, we can offer you expert support from the Shared Service Center. This means having good accessibility to professional support, no waiting times, and an English-speaking Aumatics staff member on the telephone. If a malfunction should arise, or one of your staff has a question or problem, the Shared Service Center staff stand ready to help you. Together, we resolve the problem.


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