Business applications

We understand that your business apps are essential to your business operations and, as such, need maximum availability. The data you retrieve and process with these apps is of special value to your company. With this in mind, we make sure that these apps are made available from secure, ISO 27001 certified data centers in the Netherlands.

Optimal security, with state of the art firewalls and configured access control, contributes further to this availability.
Naturally, we take care that your data is backed up and monitor the functionality using our dedicated management application.

In addition to your own applications, we supply the following standard applications (among others) to our clients:



This Microsoft Exchange server-based service differs from the Office 365 variant in that we provide it from our own data centers in the Netherlands, which means you are assured that your mail data is stored only in the Netherlands. The service offers various types of mailboxes with different functionality. We are happy to contribute our thoughts to help you find the best solution for your organisation.

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