Developing Together

Aumatics’ ‘DevOps’ service supports software development companies in the development process. This means that you, as a software developer, can focus fully on your core business of developing software any need to worry about the underlying IT infrastructure. This way, we contribute to the speed and quality of your software development and can enable continuous delivery during the release process.

For DevOps, it is all about creating cooperation and optimising the communication process between developers and IT infrastructure specialists, while also focusing on the automation of software deployment and underlying changes to the IT infrastructure. All this has the purpose of ensuring that software can be developed, tested and rolled out faster, more frequently and more robustly leading to better software and a happy end user.

In addition to the aforementioned aspects, DevOps aims to create a culture in which software developers and IT infrastructure specialists collaborate to the full with the shared goals clearly in view. In recent years, Aumatics has gained a great amount of experience and amassed expertise in the field of DevOps support. Aumatics has already been providing DevOps support to software developers for years.

Release Management

With the ‘Release Management Server’ concept, we automate the entire Release Management process during all stages. From Development, Testing, Acceptance to the Production environment (DTAP) of the development process.

This allows software developers to build new versions of their applications/software fast and reliable. Getting it tested, being approved and put into production. And were Aumatics manage the underlying infrastructure, technologies and settings.

Aumatics can also test the operation of the application in a different environment (disaster recovery).

Aumatics has developed its own Release Management Service process that can automatically transfer a release to the appropriate server at each successive stage in the development process.

Process Aumatics DevOps Release Management

Support for application development

Besides Release Management, Aumatics offers DevOps support during the application development process. Our own DevOps specialists are actively involved in the design and construction of the software application. Based on their knowledge they advise and assist in building applications with a clear focus on future deployment, monitoring and managing the application. Aumatics supports already a large number of software developers that more often use a shared Visual Studio repository.


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