Simple and inexpensive

For almost every organisation, the need for a physical telephone exchange (PABX) disappeared years ago. These days, it is the most normal thing in the world to call via the same network that your computers are connected to. And your company telephone PABX? You simply shift it to the ‘cloud’. That also saves you space but most of all maintenance and costs.

Via a simple web interface you always have access to your own VoIP telephone exchange, and you can make your own adjustments. For example, you can add new telephones and users, allocate internal numbers and manage telephone lists.

All you need are VoIP telephones, which you simply connect to your company network (the same network to which your computers and printers are connected). These are available in all types and sizes. You can always find a telephone to suit your needs and budget. Aumatics will be happy to advise you and supply the right model.


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