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Starlink Netherlands

Rent Starlink?
We got you covered!

Does Starlink work in the Netherlands? You bet, just ask our customers. Fast internet for your event, company party or in the event of a breakdown is arranged in 1 day.

Set up by the IT professionals at Aumatics within 30 minutes of arrival, at a favorable price. Fast internet via satellite is not rocket science!


Starlink offers coverage throughout the Netherlands.


150-300 mbps in the Netherlands, with a maximum of 450 mbps.


Standard onboarding costs €49 per day. (+ €150 deposit)   

Rent Starlink? That's how it works!

Pick up and delivery

We collect and deliver Starlink throughout the Netherlands. We charge €300 for delivery within a radius of 80 km around Aumatics (Zoetermeer). Outside that is €450. This amount also applies to pick up. Installation and instruction is included.  

Do you get and bring Starlink to us yourself? Then the above costs lapse and you are only bound to a minimum rental of 2 days (€49/day).

Fast appointment, fast delivery

Book Starlink quickly below! Done! And if necessary (and if possible) we deliver the same day or the next day.

Also in large parts of Europe!

You also have coverage in large parts of Europe. Our Starlink sets work here without any problems. For a one-time fee of €25, you can place Starlink wherever you want.

Extra customization for a long rental period

Need Starlink for a longer period of time? For example, in case of a move or temporary internet at a new location? Please indicate the period and we will make a custom price. 

No data costs, 1 daily rate

From the moment you are online, you pay no data costs. You pay €49 per day all inclusive. So you don't have to worry about your consumption. So you can get started worry-free!

Speed ​​of Starlink

The speed is between 150 and 450 mps. That's enough for video calling, sending large files and working smoothly for a few people. In addition, there is surprisingly little delay on the line. The Starlink latency is around 20ms. 

Renting Starlink: the step-by-step plan

Aumatics will contact me:

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Or contact us directly!

(+31) 085 489 1240

Fast internet everywhere without limits

Are you without internet for your event or party? Is 4G or 5G or another (temporary) connection too expensive or not fast enough? Solve it with Starlink temporary internet. Starlink's speed is also fine in places with less coverage. In addition, you pay nothing for data regardless of your location. Reserve a Starlink set using the form above or ask a question. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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The current state of affairs and the future of Starlink

The current state of affairs and the future of Starlink

Earlier we wrote a blog about the speed of Starlink internet and how it was more than fine. Later we wrote about how Starlink's coverage is no longer limited to a single location, but you can place the satellite anywhere for just a...

Starlink on Mont Ventoux (and across the EU)

Starlink on Mont Ventoux (and across the EU)

Starlink gets a new option for customers. Satellite internet is now also available throughout the EU, without the need to change the location. Before May 2022, Starlink could only be used in a predefined area. That is no longer necessary...

The AD: 'Speed ​​of Starlink internet is fine'

The AD: 'Speed ​​of Starlink internet is fine'

In an article dated August 30, the AD test team was positively surprised about Starlink. The promised speed was achieved and the installation was ready for use in no time. Starlink temporary internet Starlink internet is intended for locations that do not...

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