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Is your network impenetrable?
Pentera tells you.

Your network is secured with modern hardware and software. But who controls them? Who decides on the unconditional protection of your IT Security? Ask Aumatics for a Security Scan with Pentera ASV (Automated Security Validation) and withstand the most ingenious and latest attacks.

The action plan for the Pentera Security scan.

Maybe you have a good reason to be sure when it comes to cyber security within your organization. It is also possible that it is 'only' the claim of your hardware supplier. Aumatics tests all systems with a Security scan and Pentera penetration test.

Weak spot? The Security scan finds it

Aumatics uses Pentera ASV to explore all possibilities to penetrate the network. With a plan of action in response.


Realistic image

Keeping track of all online threats is a monster job. Pentera knows them and simulates them, so that we can see whether your cyber security is compromised after a Security scan.


Fast on the way

Pentera does not need much time and effort to work at full strength. We will have the results of a penetration test on your desk in no time.

Growth model for resilience

Prevent 'false positives', improve the design and get a clearer picture of the necessary tasks and responsibilities regarding cyber security.

Windows 11 for more IT Security

Better protected. At the place where it should be.

The question that it's all about: do we enter or not with a penetration test? This answer also immediately puts you on the trail of the most urgent weaknesses. With a structured action plan, we go through all the priorities until all gaps have been closed.

Aumatics IT Services, provided by Pentera ASV:

IT Security

Our services with Pentera guarantee a truthful (and perhaps confrontational) picture of the security level. No worries. We have the knowledge and Solutions Partners for a sustainable solution.

OT Security

Production environments and critical infrastructure can be approached more and more remotely. Handy, but also easier to penetrate. With Pentera ASV, Aumatics shows whether your OT Security is at risk.

Ready for Pentera's Security Scan?

Get the complete picture and eliminate false security with Pentera ASV.