Safe and easy:

In the average workplace:

colleagues log in, on many applications and sites

uses an average of 80% of the same passwords in multiple places*

at least if you have average colleagues 😉

What is your damage amount if hackers steal all passwords?

Prevent it with Keeper password manager.
Now temporarily free for the first month!

Keeper password manager: easy, but above all more secure

Keeper is also in your browser, but closed to malicious parties. The password manager sees when you want to log in to well-known sites and applications. 

How does Keeper password manager work?

  • If you want to log in in your browser, Keeper password manager to enter this from the safe. The safe then closes again. The safe will also close when you log out or are inactive. 
  • Other programs allow you to log in with your master password and paste the corresponding password from Keeper. That's all!
  • Each password is individually protected with encryption. This encryption remains active even after the database is stolen.

passwords under lock and key

Secured with industry-leading encryption.

Only you control access

With 1 password.


Offered if you need them.

AFTER TRIAL PERIOD: from € 2,99 per month, excluding VAT

the first month free!

Keeper password manager at Auamtics


We are happy to give you more information or a demo of the Keeper software to show you the added value. 

We are also happy to support you with the implementation and management of the environment. 

Feel free to email us for the free 1-month demo of Keeper password manager. Or call if you have any questions beforehand: 085 489 1240

Meet the requirements of the AVG and GDPR

Every cybersecurity framework, from NIST to ISO and PCI to HIPAA, requires access tracing as well as low-privilege access and audit logs. Keeper enables role-based controls and visibility into shared credentials. You can check the access logs to the password vaults for compliance or forensic reasons.

With Keeper password manager, only employees have access to information that is relevant to them and that integrates auditing. This is a major step towards the requirement from the GDPR (AVG) legislation for thorough and appropriate ICT security measures. 

Work better with Keeper password manager

Prevent employees from wasting time and frustration, and remove the need for them to reuse and remember passwords. Keeper generates strong, random passwords and automatically fills them in for users. The password vault, with a responsive and intuitive interface, is available to employees from any device and location. Everything Keeper does is focused on rapid user adoption and security. Keeper is published in 19 languages ​​for worldwide use.

Zero knowledge architecture

The application is basically set up so that neither it nor any other 3rd party has access to the passwords stored in the Keeper environment. The data is stored there encrypted with multiple layers of security so that your passwords are always safe.

“Enterprise password management solutions can help control costs and deliver attractive ROI"

- Forrester

Two-factor authentication and SSO

Keeper supports several ways of two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your passwords and can be set up centrally for the entire organization. In addition, Keeper integrates with leading Single Sign On (SSO) solutions from, among others, optimal working from home, Microsoft Azure, ADFS, Okta, G Suite, etc. 

Breach watch

Stolen passwords are widely traded on the Dark Web, an environment where hackers and cyber criminals are very active. Keeper's Breachwatch continuously scans all Keeper vaults for vulnerabilities from the Dark Web to prevent employees from reusing a previously stolen or leaked password. 

Is your data on the dark web?

Fill in the form and we will immediately schedule a DarkWeb scan in. You know immediately whether your or your colleagues' data is being offered to malicious parties. 

Of course we think along without obligation to increase the security of your passwords. 

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