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What is the dark web?


The dark web is invisible to search engines and is part of the worldwide web. It contains encrypted websites that you would normally not be able to access through your browser. On the dark web you can find almost anything that you can't find on your normal browser. There is no supervision. It is a web with unlimited freedom.

What is the difference between the dark web and the 'normal' web?

Dark web

'Normal' web

Is the dark web dangerous?

The dark web can be a dangerous place for your business. Especially if you have no idea how it works or if you don't understand it well. There are many criminals and hackers active on the dark web. In addition, there is a lot of malware, malicious software. Because of this, your computer or system can be attacked by cyber criminals.

Sensitive company information can end up on the dark web through leaks or cyber attacks. This is of course something you want to avoid within your company.

Let the IT security experts at Aumatics scan your company network for listings on the dark web.

The IT Security Experts at Aumatics scan the company network without obligation with a Vulnerability Scan on: 

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