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If you follow the news a little, you can't ignore it. Businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. Intelligence services, producers and service providers confirm this. And it's really not just the big names. Because attackers sometimes search specifically. But more often randomly.

Hackers, spreaders of ransomware, spammers: they hit you at your weak spot. So make sure that your organization does not have a weak spot. 


Does your organization stand out from hackers, spammers and ransomware spreaders? Or are they already on the corporate network and waiting for the right moment? The answer to this question is the beginning of durable defense. You have something to lose. Money, inventory, but even more often the continuity of business operations and valuable company data.  

Be there before attackers. Request a today Vulnerability Scan contact IT Security experts at Aumatics. On request, we also check whether your data is offered with a Dark Web Scan

Successful attacks on systems, applications and users via ransomware, malware and phishing cause enormous financial damage. Theft of sensitive company data or leakage of privacy-sensitive data via vulnerabilities in your network or systems can lead to high fines. They also threaten the continuity and reputation of your organization. 

If things go wrong due to external factors, we intervene immediately. In this way we ensure a quick and successful recovery.


The IT Security Experts at Aumatics scan the company network without obligation with a Vulnerability Scan on: 

threats already present

vulnerabilities and leaks found

listings on the Dark Web

You can also call the IT Security experts at Aumatics:

085 489 12 40


Many security solutions are available for securing your IT environment. Which one do you choose? Aumatics helps with this. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of renowned IT Security solutions that we use to protect the data of our customers. Due to the years of experience we have gained with IT Security products, we often provide these as a service so that you don't have to worry about it and can focus on your business.

The products also fulfill the requirement from the AVG / GDPR legislation that states that you as an organization must 'take appropriate technical and organizational measures' to protect personal data.

With our knowledge of the AVG/GDPR, we ensure a thorough implementation of the IT Security solution that is in line with this legislation.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

With the use of MFA solutions, you as a customer take a huge step in improving your access security. The principle is simple; as a user you need to know something and have something to gain access to the IT environment. So in addition to your password (knowing something), you need a number generated by an app on your phone (having something). 

So if someone unexpectedly manages to find out your password, logging in is not possible for this person because he does not have your phone on which the number is generated. Aumatics has chosen the MFA solution from Microsoft en watchguard

Next Generation Firewalls

The basis of a firewall is that it protects your IT environment against attacks from outside. Aumatics supplies firewalls from . for every IT environment watchguard en Palo Alto. These firewalls offer multiple layers of protection so that the security of your network and your data is very high. The technical possibilities of the firewalls are extensive and we are happy to help you choose the right solution, which we then implement and manage for you. 

from us Shared Service Center we manage your security solutions and monitor your IT environment 24×7. 

Optimal password management

Using the same password for every website or application is not a good idea. It is much wiser to create a unique and complex password for each website or application. If a password "leaks" or becomes known to someone, you only have to change it in 1 place. However, that does mean that you have to remember or record a lot of passwords. 

You do not do this on paper or in an Excel file, but with the help of a good password manager such as that of Keeper. Keeper allows you to generate unique and complex passwords and store them encrypted in a digital vault that only you have the access key to. You can access the safe from anywhere and at any time.

Keeper is the solution for companies that want to provide its employees with the ability to securely store and use passwords. With the option Breach watch Keeper checks whether your email address has been part of a data breach so that you can take appropriate action.

Endpoint protection Anti-virus, Malware and Phishing

To protect the workplace of the users, we offer the Endpoint Security solutions from our partner ESET. With its IT Security products, it offers optimal security for your workplace. It uses multi-layered protection against viruses and ransomware. 

Aumatics chose ESET as a partner as their product has a high detection rate and puts very little load on the system while protecting it. 

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