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What is REvenue operations

Whether you drive or cycle, you know what to do to get from A to B. Even if you don't know what's going on under the hood or how to change a chain, you arrive at your destination and only think about repair when something goes wrong.

The above comparison also applies to the use of a CRM system. Most users within an organization do not know what is going on under the hood of an (integrated) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Even with a system as easy as HubSpot. However, if something goes wrong, then what…

When they have to repeatedly contact your reps and provide the same information to multiple contacts, or when they have to deal with reps who can't resolve their issues on the spot, your platform for managing these relationships can get in the way.

The unsung heroes in your organization are your operations teams, whose processes have a major impact on your customer experience (CX).

But when organizations grow rapidly by acquiring companies with outdated infrastructure, they can end up with a patchwork of tools and platforms that silos data instead of flowing it throughout the organization so that all of your employees get a shared insight. into your customers and their needs.

Combining legacy platforms and tools into one infrastructure may seem like a sensible move internally for a company experiencing growing pains – but you may end up sharing that pain with your customers.

Operations teams themselves often work within silos, allowing for duplication and impeding the flow of information, rather than as a single unit sharing data, analytics, and insights. (Over 60% of operations professionals say misalignment between teams causes them to do duplication).

Such organizations may view their operations teams as problem solvers, not key players with insights that can drive business strategy. In an age of heightened customer needs, overlooking their untapped insights can be costly.

Revolving around RevOps

A key to unlocking the full potential of your operations teams to serve your customers and drive your growth lies in your revenue operations (RevOps).

The income of your organization concerns every employee. And by placing RevOps at the center of your organization, you can better unite your operations teams: eliminate friction, discover efficiencies, and free up bandwidth so operations can innovate and all teams share a common mission to improve the CX and improve the business. to let grow.

An organization that grows can grow faster by delivering an optimal CX using a powerful, intuitive CRM that puts the operations department at the center of that experience.

A CRM that helps your operations teams automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks, easily improve your data hygiene and remove friction both internally and for your customers, helps your RevOps team build a unified operational practice that leaders can focus on on shaping your organization's growth strategy

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