Industry: Public administration
Headquarters: Brussels
Locations: Advance post of the twelve provinces and the IPO in the European institutions
Employees: 25
Workstations: 42 at headquarters (incl. temporary staff workstations and meeting rooms)
Project duration: 3 months
Year: 2016



The House of the Dutch Provinces aims to establish cooperation between provinces in Brussels with regard to the joint European interest representation, signaling, information and advice. The House of the Dutch Provinces was founded in 2000 by the 12 Dutch provinces and the Association of Provincial Authorities and is located in the European quarter of Brussels. The House of the Dutch Provinces is composed of four regional offices where the provinces participate, namely Northern Netherlands, Eastern Netherlands, ‘Randstad’ Region and Southern Netherlands. The House of the Dutch Provinces is headquartered in Brussels and employs 25 people permanently.



The staff at The House of the Dutch Provinces in Brussels worked with Lotus Notes from IBM, hosted in a Terminal Server environment by an external provider.



The IT environment of The House of the Dutch Provinces no longer met the requirements of the time. Among other things, the e-mail system became more and more an obstacle. The employees of The House of the Dutch Provinces are often on the road and therefore work on multiple locations and with different devices (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone). Also, because of regular cooperation with other government organisations there was a need for a more up-to-date environment.



The House of the Dutch Provinces wanted a new IT environment for its Brussels office in which employees can work place independently, both on- and offline. They wanted to use Outlook as an email client and the server must have enough storage space to store all mails.

Furthermore, they wanted a central repository for documents and other data, divided into several groups separated. In addition, The House of the Dutch Provinces indicated that it is important that data is synchronized between different devices of employees (PC / laptop, tablet, and smartphone).
Furthermore, they wanted new laptops for the whole staff and universal docking stations with a keyboard and a big screen. The docking station also had to be suitable for Apple users.

For facilitating conference calls they needed a suitable device for meetings in the meeting room. All laptops had to have a camera and equipped with Skype for Business.
They also asked for a fast and secure wireless network including the ability to provide visitors secure Internet access.

In addition, due to the disappearance of Lotus Notes, a new environment was required to manage The House of the Dutch Provinces website.

Finally, we were asked for user support in the new environment.



After an inventory of needs and requirements Aumatics has advised to provide employees with laptops equipped with Office 365, includes SharePoint and Skype for Business. For a mail server is Exchange Online recommended. Aumatics has advised SharePoint Online in the need for central storage. For the Wi-Fi network access points Aumatics proposed WatchGuard. For the security of the internal network Aumatics chosen a WatchGuard firewall. The House of the Dutch Provinces website is converted to WordPress. Finally Aumatics has deployed its Service, providing support for the users.

To implement the new environment Aumatics has drawn up a projectplan consisting of two phases. First, a test environment built with four fully equipped and functional workstations that The House of the Dutch Provinces was given the opportunity to test out the new environment well. The second part included the final implementation. These consisted of the installation of Sharepoint, installation of new workstations, the construction of the wireless network and migration of all emails from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online. The plan also provided for the training of the whole staff to teach them how to work with the new user interface (Office 365).



Both phases of the project plan are carried out without problems and within set time and budget. Both client and employees are satisfied with the services provided. An employee: “I’m just very satisfied. Transition has gone smoothly and new equipment works perfectly. Find the service very well from Aumatics.”



– Project management;
– Training;
– Aumatics Servicedesk;
– WordPress website;
– 42 laptops and docking stations;
– 42 LCD displays;
– 42 Office 365 E3 Government licenses;
– 1 Polycom Sound Station conference device;
– 42 Microsoft Intune licenses;
– 1 Wathcguard firewall license;
– 4 WatchGuard AP300 Wi-Fi accesses.