The world around changes at unprecedented speed. Successive developments in ICT also come at a rapid pace.
Not all new developments are equally interesting for everybody, but it is important to know whether your ICT facilities still match your (changing) needs. Or better; what do they offer your company and your customers?

With the growth scan, you can quickly discover whether the ICT facilities in your organisation are on par with your business.
By answering a few simple questions you can find out whether your ICT environment is flexible enough to absorb changes in the organisation quickly and promptly.

We store the answers to the questions and process them for analysis purposes. You can answer the questions anonymously. But we would prefer to know who you are; that gives the personal touch. Your information will not be passed to third parties, and we will not contact you (unless you select the option you want us to).

1. In the next two years, the number of people my organisation employs is expected to

stay (about) the same