Renew your Microsoft 365 license before the price increase


Lennert Hut

Online Marketer

Starting April 1, prices for Microsoft seat-based cloud services will increase by 11 percent. Do you have Microsoft 365 licenses or another license from Microsoft? Then you can avoid the price increase for a year. Provided that you are already an existing customer and respond quickly.

How about that? Microsoft is implementing the price increase so that the prices are aligned with the price list from the United States. The prices stated in dollars then become the prices in euros (and vice versa).

It's about Microsoft 365 licenses, but the increase will also be implemented for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform licenses. Only the on-premise licenses for stand-alone software remain unaffected.

Do you already have licenses for Microsoft 365? Via Aumatics you can avoid the price increase for 1 year as an existing customer. This is also possible if you purchase licenses from another party.

Contact us quickly via the chat at the bottom right of this page. Or send one Email, we will look at your Microsoft licenses and convert them to new ones, at the old price. In other words: by responding quickly, you grab a discount of 11 percent.

Why is Microsoft adjusting prices?

Microsoft has decided to enter all prices in US dollars from April 1, 2023. In preparation for this, the prices in euros will be increased so that they are at the same price level.

From that moment on, Microsoft builds in two options for a price increase every year.