Veeam backup: 1 subscription as an answer to the question

Maybe backup is missing for a common reason. Because -to put it mildly- it is not the hobby of network administrators. Because a well-maintained backup has a lot of internal consequences for an organization. Selecting technology, supplier, installation of equipment, maintenance and then the actual (and often) 'backup'.

Fortunately, this is now an ongoing process. The biggest advantage is; there is a subscription to have that done. Veeam Cloud Connect is one of the best-known cloud solutions for Aumatics customers. Not surprising, because it relieves companies of a lot of work and there are a lot of advantages in return.

Veeam backup: active, not visible

To start with the latter: no separate equipment, no extra occupancy in the server room and no periodic maintenance. In fact; no maintenance. As part of the Backup as a Service (BaaS) subscription, Veeam backup everything that has to do with backup.

This applies to all types of files. And beyond: if necessary, Veeam will search with you for lost emails or other types of files.

The backup is not limited to files. Because Veeam takes all the work off your hands with Backup as a Service, doesn't mean you never hear from the service.

When desired, you can efficiently gain insight into the status of the backup and possible threats at any time. For example, to check whether the backup complies with all privacy legislation.

Choose the right backup strategy. We are happy to advise you on the right products, implementation and management.

Fill in the form below or call: 085 – 489 1240. We are happy to help you!

For the business, but also outside

This complete package for VEEAM backup is for everyone who has returned to the company building after corona time, but also for everyone who just wants to continue working mobile. The standard part is the end-point protection.

In plain Dutch; protection on PCs, but also on mobiles, tablets and other devices. Inside or outside the private company network. And then it doesn't matter where that device is located. All signals on green to work outside the door a little more!

What you do it for in the end

You make backups because the work that is done is high on your agenda. But mainly because you want to stay ahead of that one moment. In the event of fire, power failure, water damage due to leakage or an incident, important data can be lost.

You don't want to explain to your colleagues and customers that work has to start again from scratch. And that's what it's for. You can restore the data via the clear dashboard, regardless of whether you work with virtual PCs or fixed PCs. In addition, VEEAM helps to choose the right moment based on data and screenshots. It doesn't matter how much data you have. There is no ceiling. This way you determine within a few minutes what you want to get back.

The cause can also lie outside your organization. Hackers can also steal your data, increasingly through phishing or malware. A solution has also been devised for these types of incidents. If the data is stolen, the data is inaccessible. All data is written with encryption and therefore unusable for the outside world.

Do you need more knowledge about the applicability of VEEAM backup for your organization? Aumatics is happy to show you how we provide Microsoft 365 with contemporary backup with VEEAM solutions.

Silver Cloud Service Provider from VEEAM

You can rest assured that it will be done right. We don't just say that, VEEAM thinks so too. Also this year Aumatics is back Silver Cloud Service Provider from VEEAM. In practice, this means that Aumatics has the in-house knowledge to deploy VEEAM backup expertly and effectively.

So if you haven't thought about it yet: we have already done the thinking for a safe backup. And we are happy to help you with it. 


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