AD: Speed ​​of Starlink internet fine

In an article from August 30, the AD test team was positively surprised about Starlink. The promised speed was achieved and the installation was ready for use in no time.

Starlink temporary internet

Starlink internet is intended for locations that do not have access to wired internet. Especially if this is temporary, Starlink is a godsend. For example, in the event of a move or a breakdown. In those cases, Starlink appears to be an excellent alternative to get back to work quickly.


Online within half an hour of arrival with Starlink!

Field testing first

The fact that the speed is good is also the experience of the first customers of Aumatics who use Star Link by Aumatics. StarLink by Aumatics is currently providing internet at an industrial estate in Germany. In the area, mobile internet was not stable enough and because of its location, wired internet was not an option. Starlink ensures that business processes can now be accessed via the internet. 

The internet system with satellite dish achieved 150Mbit download speed and an upload speed of 20Mbit in the AD test. That is enough to provide multiple workplaces with high-speed internet, even if it is heavily loaded with video calling, etc

StarLink internet receives internet from satellites launched by SpaceX, the space company of Elon Musk.

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